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What effect will Enterprise Search have on BI?

Analytics expert William McKnight weighs the effects of enterprise search on BI in the on-demand world.

What effect will Enterprise Search have on BI?
Here are a few things people do not like to hear, in business or in their personal lives, anymore: "We will respond to your email in 48 hours," "this system is not browser-based," "you'll get the hang of it in about a month" and "you cannot access this when mobile and cannot take the information with you".

We are webaholics. So what does this mean for enterprise search and BI? Everything.

IDC estimates this, as a market, to be $900 million in 2005 and growing at 20%. Its convergence with business intelligence, as well as content management and desktop search can already be seen. New product releases from Business Objects, Cognos and Hyperion incorporate some enterprise search principles. Enterprise search tools have some advantages over BI tools since the web itself, internal portals and non-database systems can also be accessed. It's similar to the enterprise portal concept.

Whether the effect will just be influence or if it will be convergence is yet to be seen, but the effect will be high.

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