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What industries are looking for certified business intelligence (BI) professionals?

Find out what industries are looking for certified business intelligence (BI) professionals and how to find a BI job if you're recently certified in BI and data warehousing.

I have 10 years of sales experience (automotive, insurance, industrial equipment, steel, etc. and five years in IT recruitment) and I am completing certification in SAP BI 7.0. (I'm also certified in Cognos 8.3, data warehousing, SQL Server and Java). What type of employers and industries do you think may be interested in a certified business intelligence (BI) professional like me?
This is a tough question to answer without knowing more about you. However, companies in industries where you have experience with will always been more interested in you than companies in industries you haven't worked in. Also, since it sounds like you are looking for a business intelligence job with a technology focus, I would contact all your past employers that you have a good relationship with and let them know you are interested in working on the technology side of the business now.

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