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What is required to run business intelligence analysis applications?

Find out what hardware and software is required to run business intelligence analysis applications and what BI platforms can do for the business.

What hardware and system software is required to run business intelligence (BI) analysis applications, and what can BI platforms do for our business?
BI is what you make it. Well-done BI fits whatever needs the business has for information, whether those needs can be overtly communicated or need to be coached out of the business. Often, looking at what some of the more mature BI shops use for best-practices analytics is a good way to help you develop a set of technologies that will prove useful to the business users in your organization. BI, as a discipline, can involve the incorporation of analytics into many systems that exist in your shop today. However, most companies will need a separate structure, via a data warehouse, to accomplish all of their BI goals. Nowadays, the data warehouse usually is built on standard hardware, or specialty hardware known as a data warehouse appliance. The required BI software includes some means of transporting data to the warehouse as well as tools for accessing that data. It may include much more, depending on project scope.

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