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Why pervasive BI is a big deal for business intelligence users

Why is pervasive BI such a big deal? Read what one expert says and learn why pervasive business intelligence is important for the future of companies.

Why is pervasive BI such a big deal? What are the potential benefits for companies if most of their employees use business intelligence and analytics software?

Pervasive business intelligence is a big deal because people typically need actionable information in order to do their jobs. Companies without broad BI capabilities tend to make decisions based on gut feelings or instinct, which isn't a good way to do business. 

Effective business intelligence results from a combination of best practices and corporate culture. And the best implementations I’ve seen are ones in which everyday knowledge workers are being empowered by access to information and decision-making responsibilities. It’s relatively easy to make a good decision when you trust your data and the information is easy to find. 

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