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Would an MBA help my business intelligence career?

Find out if an MBA is valuable for a business intelligence (BI) career.

I am a graduate with a degree in Computer Science Engineering, and I want to pursue my career in business intelligence (BI) and data analytics. Can you recommend a course of action? I was thinking of getting an MBA , but I am still in a quandary as to which field. What's "hot" right now? Should I go to the technical or business side?

Congratulations on the degree. I do think business intelligence (BI) and data analytics is a great career path. I would recommend getting some BI job experience prior to getting the MBA to get a feel for what you enjoy more, the technical or business side. I believe there will be many career opportunities on either the technical or business side. Don't necessarily chase what is "hot" now, since that will change over time. Do what fits you the best and you will be successful in your BI career.

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I also have a CS degree and have considered going into an MBA program. My company offers tuition reimbursement for an MBA regardless of your current role in the company. Other degree programs require that they be directly related to your job function in order to be eligible for reimbursement. 

I think that an MBA will definitely look impressive on a resume, but there are other ways to move into more business-oriented roles as well. A master's program is a huge commitment and I haven't decided to take the leap yet.