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A buyer's guide to choosing the right BI analytics tool

Pinpointing which BI analytics tool is best for your organization may not be easy, but we've simplified the process by providing you with the necessary tools and insight to help make a well-informed buying decision.


Enterprises are dealing with vast amounts of data about their customers, prospects, internal business processes, suppliers, partners and competitors. To transform this data into actionable information that can help increase revenue, profitability and business efficiency, many organizations are turning to BI analytics tools. Although the BI tools market might be considered mature, it's constantly evolving to address the changing analytics needs of today's organizations.

Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all BI analytics tool, and deciding which software to buy shouldn't be based on the product with the most features. Rather, organizations should determine which tool enables the types of analysis your users need and will use.

This buyer's guide examines the three categories of BI analytics tools -- guided analysis and reporting, self-service BI and analysis, and advanced analytics -- and the BI tool styles and capabilities they support. We will help you identify and classify your analytical needs, as well as examine some business use cases for which these BI analytics tools are optimized. In addition, we will help you determine your must-have and nice-to-have features, so you can create a shortlist of BI analytics tools that are the best fit for your organization.

To help you further narrow down your list of potential BI analytics products, this guide compares 12 of the leading BI analytics products on the market today and provides overviews that examine the items central to the decision-making process.

1What is?-

A look at the three categories of BI analytics tools

An understanding of BI tool categories and styles will help you match your analytical needs with the appropriate tools.


Get the most out of your data, reap the benefits of BI tools

The business intelligence software market is large, vibrant and evolving. Learn the ins and outs to make sense of the options and experience the business benefits of BI tools. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

A business case for BI analytics tools

There are several key data or analytical characteristics that need to be considered when creating your BI business use cases.


Business use cases can determine the right BI analytics tool

Before selecting a BI analytics tool, you should create BI use cases and then match those requirements with BI analytics tool categories and styles. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

What to look for when buying a BI analytics tool

Selecting the BI analytics tool that's right for your organization involves gathering and prioritizing your BI requirements and identifying your must-have features.


How to evaluate and select the right BI tools

Some advice for organizations trying to settle on BI tools criteria: Figure out which product features are must-have and which are just nice-to-have. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Comparing the top BI analytics products

Which BI analytics tool should you buy for your organization? Take a look at our comparison of the top 12 vendors in the market and review the pros and cons of their products.


Comparing BI analytics tools from the leading vendors

Deciding which BI analytics tool to buy shouldn't be based on the product with the most features but on the tool that best supports the needs of your business users. Continue Reading

5Top BI analytics tools vendors-

BI analytics tools product overviews

These overviews examine the features, available editions, licensing costs and support for the 12 top BI analytics tools in today's market.


Examining the Birst BI and predictive analytics tool

Centralized BI and IT teams can use Birst to connect with decentralized teams on the business side. Learn more about the BI and predictive analytics tool. Continue Reading


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence offers self-service BI

The latest version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is managed by IT but provides end users with a simplified setup and deployment. Continue Reading


Information Builders WebFOCUS helps leverage BI analytics

The Information Builders WebFOCUS platform includes several BI analytics tools that users can leverage to perform predictive analytics, statistical modeling and big data analytics. Continue Reading


Logi Analytics provides self-service analytics

Logi Vision and Logi Info self-service analytics products enable users to perform reporting and dashboarding, scorecarding, search, ad hoc queries, OLAP and data discovery. Continue Reading


Exploring Microsoft Power BI SaaS analytics products

Microsoft Power BI SaaS analytics lets users view their most critical data via a live dashboard, create interactive reports and access their data on the go. Continue Reading


MicroStrategy 10 promotes self-service analytics

The MicroStrategy 10 analytics and BI platform lets users tap into data from a variety of sources to create and distribute customized reports. Plug-ins can extend functionality. Continue Reading


Examining the Qlik data visualization platform

The Qlik data visualization platform aims to help users access, present, explore and capitalize on their data. Continue Reading


Insight into Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite enables users to access information through interactive dashboards, search and mobile devices. Continue Reading


A look at SAP BusinessObjects BI suite

SAP BusinessObjects BI platform provides users with self-service access to information to support the decision-making process. Find out what's different in version 4.1. Continue Reading


SAS Visual Analytics software supports data discovery

SAS Visual Analytics software provides self-service BI and reporting capabilities aimed at helping non-technical users identify meaningful patterns and relationships in data. Continue Reading


Exploring Tableau visualization and analytics products

Tableau helps users of all technical skill levels quickly analyze, visualize and share data with colleagues so they can make data-driven decisions. Continue Reading


TIBCO Analytics targets data-driven users

TIBCO Spotfire provides users with self-service analytics capabilities, while TIBCO Jaspersoft aims to enable developers to make faster decisions based on actionable data. Continue Reading

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