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A buyer's guide to selecting the right big data analytics software

Navigating the evaluation and buying process isn't easy, but we've simplified the process by comparing products from nine of the top commercial and open source big data analytics software vendors.


Big data analytics used to be the province primarily of large organizations and companies with businesses revolving around data, such as marketing and information services providers. However, with cost factors less of a barrier today -- and the availability of a broader range of big data platforms and software -- the technology is being adopted by a growing number of data-driven companies of all sizes across all industries.

These companies are using big data analytics software to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data in real time, including structured transaction data, unstructured data such as social media posts, log files from mobile applications and machine and sensor data. In turn, the insights derived from these analyses can translate into improved operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities and competitive advantages over business rivals.

Big data analytics software is designed to work with big data platforms, which include Hadoop clusters built around commodity servers and scalable distributed storage, NoSQL database systems and specialized high-performance analytics databases. The tools support predictive modeling and data mining techniques and are capable of scaling as more data is incorporated into analytical models.

Sorting through the many products classified as big data analytics software can make your buying decision even more difficult, as the functionality, features and capabilities of these tools are often similar. Fortunately, we've simplified that process for you in this buyer's guide. Here, we will help you establish your company's specific objectives and map them to the attributes of products and suites from nine of the top commercial and open source big data analytics software vendors. This will aid you in narrowing down your list of candidate vendors to the ones whose products best address your organization's specific big data use cases.

1What is?-

Insight into big data and advanced analytics tools

Learn how companies are adopting big data analytics to solve a variety of data-driven needs and increase their profitability with insights derived from the analytics process.


How big data analytics tools can help your organization

Big data analytics is a trending practice that many companies are adopting. Before jumping in and buying big data tools, though, organizations should first get to know the landscape. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

Is big data analytics software a good investment for your organization?

The use cases presented here can help you can determine if big data analytics software could benefit your company's data analytics needs.


The benefits of using big data analytics software

Tools for big data analytics have a lot to offer, and they come in many varieties. Get to know some of the ways business users and data scientists can use the software. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

Assessing your must-have features for big data analytics software

Here, we examine the specific attributes that can be used to assess how well the various big data analytics software packages available will meet your organization's needs.


Insights into buying big data analytics tools

Before purchasing big data analytics software, companies must first identify their specific needs and then evaluate how the product features address those needs. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Evaluating big data analytics software from the leading vendors

It's challenging to select a product based solely on functionality, as many tools have similar features. Here, we examine several additional considerations that may factor into your buying decision.


Comparing the leading big data analytics software options

This big data analytics tools comparison examines products from the leading vendors and provides insight into how you can differentiate between the various offerings. Continue Reading

5The top big data products-

Big data analytics software from the market leaders

Get overviews of the top big data analytics software products on the market today, with insights into features and how these tools can be implemented.


Alteryx analytics tools help simplify advanced data analysis

The Alteryx advanced analytics tool suite comprises three products: the Alteryx Designer desktop tool, Alteryx Server and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery cloud-based application. Continue Reading


A look at the IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics analytics tools

The IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics predictive analytics tools help users and data analysts build predictive models and manage the analytics process. Continue Reading


Examining the KNIME Analytics Platform for big data analytics

KNIME offers open source data analytics, reporting and integration tools, as well as commercial software that can help build more efficient workflows. Continue Reading


Exploring Oracle Advanced Analytics

Oracle Advanced Analytics and other data analytics tools, including Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Miner, enable business users to explore large volumes of data. Continue Reading


Inside RapidMiner's data science platform

The RapidMiner data science platform comprises products that enable both technical and nontechnical users to perform a variety of advanced data analytics functions. Continue Reading


Exploring Microsoft R Open, R Server for advanced analytics

Learn about the features and components of the Microsoft R family of predictive analytics tools, which includes Microsoft R Open, Microsoft R Client and Microsoft R Server. Continue Reading


Inside the SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics tool suite

The SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics suite of on-premises and cloud-based tools can be used by data scientists, analytics professionals, as well as less technical teams. Continue Reading


How SAS Enterprise Miner simplifies the data mining process

The SAS Enterprise Miner data mining tool helps users develop descriptive and predictive models, including components for predictive modeling and in-database scoring. Continue Reading


An overview of the Teradata Aster Analytics platform

The Teradata Aster Analytics platform includes the Aster Database, Aster SNAP Framework, Aster R, SQL-MapReduce framework, SQL-GR and the Aster Analytics Portfolio. Continue Reading

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