Analytics in Action

Data has exploded in recent years, and it's not slowing down—in fact, the growth is only going to get faster. The companies that survive and excel are the ones that not only embrace the challenge of dealing with the data, but use it as an opportunity to gain more insight than ever into their business and customers.

Companies today are not just dealing with "big data"—they are dealing with big, complex, and always-on data. Learn how to handle the challenges of unstructured data, and how to use the right architectureal approach to thrive in the era of big data.

1 Data

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2 Discovery

Technology has made discovery simpler, but it has also meant that more is demanded in the task. New solutions are made available every day offering a different tech path, and it is a challenge to sort one offering from another. <br><br> It's not just a matter of if you should deploy this new tech—it's a matter of when, why and how. Learn the best use cases for interactive data exploration, predictive modeling, in-memory processing, Hadoop, and more. Continue Reading

3 Deployment

Most organizations are on board with analytics, but not every company knows just how to deploy. The best solutions not only allow for a fruitful initial deployment, but continue to build value for a company as their time goes on. <br><br> Fast-tracking predictive models and streaming analytics, for instance, allow you to test, learn and iterate in near-real time. The true value of analytics can only be realized when it becomes an operational standard within your organization. Learn how these technologies can help. Continue Reading