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February 2015

Operational intelligence technologies are making real time a reality

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While many take the traditional route to business intelligence, forward-thinking companies are taking a more operational approach. By integrating BI and analytics, these companies are enabling improvements of business processes -- in real-time. Rather than looking backward, consultancy Ventana Research says these organizations are looking at the present in an effort to “detect and respond to events as they are happening.”

In this three-part guide, SearchBusinessAnalytics explores operational intelligence initiatives at organizations and examines their impact on business processes in customer service, logistics, energy and manufacturing. First, TechTarget executive editor Craig Stedman details the recent stream processing deployment at RelayHealth, which runs claims processing applications for healthcare providers. The company recently turned to Apache Spark to provide more real-time analytics to clients. Next, consultant David Loshin looks at specific business processes that can benefit best from operational intelligence tools and techniques. Loshin also tackles some of the “challenges to making it all work.” And in an interview, Rick Sherman, founder of consultancy Athena IT Solutions, offers insight into the benefits and potential problems of operational intelligence efforts.

About The Author

Craig Stedman - Editor at Large

Craig Stedman produces in-depth packages of editorial content on...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Data streaming sheds new light on medical claims
  • Integrated analytics gives users operational edge
  • Operational BI helps boost business agility

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