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October 2014

Social media analytics mission: Avoiding mixed sentiments

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Social media data is seen as a potential treasure trove for organizations looking to better understand customers and track sentiment toward their products. But what can really be gained through social media analytics at this point? A lot, potentially, if you know how. With data this big, fast and complex, though, that’s easier said than done.

This three-part guide examines why, despite all of the purported business benefits, social media analytics has yet to fully live up to expectations. First, SearchBusinessAnalytics site editor Ed Burns examines the struggles facing businesses trying to make sense of social media data. It’s free for the taking, and analysis can help executives improve business strategies, but many businesses have yet to turn the rapidly streaming unstructured data into actionable information. Next, IT consultant David Loshin drills down on social media analytics opportunities -- the different facets of the process and the different kinds of business insights they offer. To close, Burns returns with a case study on Capital Market Exchange, a Boston-based company that's using a sentiment analysis system to analyze social media and business news posts to help bond investors assess the pros and cons of different investments.

About The Author

Ed Burns - Executive Editor

Executive Editor Ed Burns manages editorial content and writes ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • No snap judgment in analyzing social media data
  • Social media analytics spans a spectrum of uses
  • Sentiment analysis helps investors place bond bets

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