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Change agents: Leaders in information management technology

The articles in this guide profile various information management technology projects and the agents of change that made them possible.


It takes plenty of zeal and determination to execute a successful information management technology initiative. Whether the initiative focuses on big data technology, data integration, data quality or another information management imperative, the goal of affecting real change requires planning, homework and strength of character.

With this guide, you'll get to know many "Change Agents" that have carried out information management technology projects from the start and produced positive results for their organizations. These inspiring tales of transformation are   full of advice about how to use technology to improve the way business is done. Our Change Agents profiles offer real inspiration and solid guidance on how to conduct a career at the crossroads of business and IT.

1Problem solving-

Using technology to solve business problems

In this section, learn how various information management technology professionals have used their resources to push through projects that would solve various technology problems and inefficiencies.


Sands casino group rolls the dice on analytical technologies

Casino operations traditionally haven't been very data-driven, but the Sands casino group is using analytics tools to try to get an edge in a very competitive industry. Continue Reading


Wendy’s finds its way to new business with location-based analytics

Most people remember geography class as a liberal arts concentration. But John Crouse of Wendy's is showing that geographic knowledge can make for a valuable pairing with statistical analysis as part of location intelligence efforts. Continue Reading


You've got mail! Messaging platform aids ops director with large load

Messaging Operations Director James Thompson shares how he selected a messaging platform to meet his company's growing volume of email deployments. Continue Reading


Onefinestay CTO uses graph database to power 'unhotel' booking system

London-based Onefinestay operates a system for booking vacations in homes whose owners are themselves out of town. Jackson Hull, the company's chief technology officer, led a deployment of graph database technology to help keep the booking engine humming. Continue Reading


Teams at team up to deploy Hadoop for DNA data matching

The large and varied data sets collected by genealogical information provider pose big processing challenges. But through collaboration between data scientists and software engineers, the company applied Hadoop and HBase to help power its DNA matching service. Continue Reading


Efficiency more than a pipe dream with JD Edwards applications

The Womble Company, an industrial pipe coating company, needed more efficient JD Edwards reporting applications. Learn how they found the right match. Continue Reading


Cloud strategy reduces costs and promotes strategic roadmap at HBP

A cloud strategy at Harvard Business Publishing reduced costs and management challenges. But it took a strong leader at the helm to shepherd change. Continue Reading


Smokey Bones HR manager blends HR and customer service

Rob Benninghove, VP of HR at Smokey Bones, believes if he serves his employees well, they'll serve their customers well. Continue Reading


Using technology to redefine and streamline business strategies

In this section, learn how various information management technology professionals were able to redefine business strategies and bring about organizational change through technology initiatives.


Data architect brings BI data out of IT shadows

Learn how to better manage BI data created in shadow IT from former shadow IT worker, data architect Ryan Fenner. Continue Reading


BPM workflow management software answers IT manager's call

An inside look at how an IT manager researched workflow management software to determine how to best meet his organization's growing needs. Continue Reading


Healthcare data analytics taking on a bigger role at Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente VP Terhilda Garrido is leading an effort at Kaiser to enhance patient care delivery with data analytics. Continue Reading


Data warehousing architect helps improve Pfizer's business decisions

Pat Saucier has spent the past quarter century watching businesses come around to the idea that data should be managed as an asset. His extensive knowledge of database development and data warehousing has helped him in overseeing Pfizer's research-related data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives. Continue Reading


Turnaround master uses data mining to save dollars

As the CFO and vice president of IT for the American Academy of Physician Assistants, Shyam Desigan has worked on a variety of data mining and business intelligence projects, saving millions of dollars with his creativity and strategic thinking. Continue Reading


NFL statistical data company scores touchdown with API service

NFL data statistics company discusses how it evaluated several API service vendors. Continue Reading


APM project management paints software picture for Port of San Diego

The Port of San Diego has hundreds of applications that span five decades. This is the story of the woman charged with plotting their course for APM. Continue Reading


Ops director uses cloud accounting software to treat integration woes

Medical device company Safe Orthopaedics got off to a healthy start, thanks in part to a cloud accounting software product. Continue Reading


OUAG president settles in with focus on global change management

The 2015 OAUG president, Melissa English, found a love of education in teaching her peers. Now she brings global change management skills to the OAUG. Continue Reading


Data-intensive cloud apps still require best practices

Today's breed of NewSQL database can help master data-intensive cloud applications. But development processes should still adhere to best practices, said one CTO. Continue Reading


Careers in information management technology

In this section, learn about the careers of several agents of change and their secrets to success in information management technology professions.


Conway Freight maps out path to success with location analytics

GIS data analyst Andy Cain always knew location analytics could help develop deep business insights. Now he has the opportunity to show how as part of an initiative at Con-way Freight. Continue Reading


Sports analytics score for Sounders coach

The Seattle Sounders fitness coach is taking sports analytics into uncharted territory and scoring some big wins along the way. Continue Reading


Verizon strategist examines how big data creates the 'data self'

Wilco van Ginkel, now working as a senior strategist with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, has made a career of imagining alternatives and outthinking existing systems. Recently, he has turned the data ecosystem upside down with the concept of the "data self." Continue Reading


IT leader gains perspective from missed ground-floor opportunity with Microsoft

For some, a missed opportunity to make millions with Microsoft would be a difficult memory. But John Poonen looks back on it fondly. With a career that has taken him around the globe, Poonen's early "mistake" has led him to a career as a respected executive with enviable knowledge about how to achieve success working at the intersection of business and IT. Continue Reading


Would-be lawyer becomes IT director for Condé Nast

Justin Glantz had always planned to become a lawyer, but when an internship with Zeneca Group turned into a full-time offer after graduation, his law school plans ended up on the back burner. Now plying his technical experience in a new direction as an IT director for Condé Nast, Glantz can't imagine any other career. Continue Reading


SAP Business One and Beer: An entrepreneur's journey

With the help of SAP Business One, Ryan Hilliard went from being a flight instructor to founding and running his own brewery. Continue Reading


Oracle pro takes the thoroughbred view with IT, EBS upgrade

CIO Wade Lewis has been in IT long enough to know that patience and planning are rewarded, particularly with an EBS upgrade. Continue Reading


Executive: Data isn't just for IT any longer

The chief analytics officer is the newest data-focused executive. One financial company's CAO sizes up the state of analytics. Continue Reading

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