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Mobile BI tools, trends and best practices guide

Mobile business intelligence is becoming a must-do item for more and more BI teams. In this guide, you'll find news, analysis and practical advice on deploying mobile BI tools and managing mobile BI applications.


As the use of smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices escalates in the workplace, so does the interest in mobile business intelligence applications among corporate executives, sales teams and other end users. As a result, BI managers at more and more companies are evaluating the benefits, cost-effectiveness and challenges of implementing a mobile BI strategy.

Mobile business intelligence applications that offer BI-on-the-go capabilities can increase the productivity of business users, whether they're in meetings or on the road. But with new technologies come new challenges to consider, and mobile BI is no different. For example, experienced users and BI consultants cite potential complications such as data security concerns, the small screen-size and limited memory of mobile devices and issues with supporting the myriad tablet computers and smartphones on the market as part of bring yourown device policies.

This guide, featuring articles and multimedia content published by SearchBusinessAnalytics and other TechTarget websites, offers a one-stop resource for BI managers and professionals who want to get up to speed on mobile BI trends and get advice on how to create effective mobile BI apps and successfully deploy mobile BI tools.

1Mobile BI trends-

Corporate mobile business intelligence trends

News analysis stories from TechTarget websites document current and emerging mobile business intelligence trends, with perspectives from BI and IT managers and industry experts.


The mobile BI bus is coming -- are you ready to get on board?

Deployments of mobile business intelligence tools are spreading rapidly. Before you take the mobile BI plunge, read advice on how to make it work. Continue Reading


Survey shows smaller companies leading the way on mobile BI

New survey results document how smaller businesses are leading the mobile BI charge. Continue Reading


More corporations make mobile BI programs a priority

The growing use of tablet PCs and smartphones is spurring demand for mobile business intelligence capabilities from end users. Are you ready? Continue Reading


Mobile BI software, collaboration tools form natural partnership

Mobile BI and collaboration tools are natural partners, but supporting that kind of an environment may require more philosophy than technology. Continue Reading


Corporate users accelerate adoption of mobile BI technology

Mobile business intelligence (BI) technology is becoming more mainstream, thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablet PCs and demand from business users for on-the-go access to BI data. Continue Reading


Mobile BI on a budget: Implementing cost-effective systems

Mobile BI solutions don't have to break the budget. Mobility expert Bill French ponders the benefits of lightweight BI solutions for the mobile era. Continue Reading


Access analytics info on the go with mobile business intelligence apps

Mobile business intelligence apps enable users to make informed decisions anywhere, but some apps offer more features and functionality than others. Continue Reading

2Case studies-

High profile companies implementing mobile BI

Organizations across various industries have deployed mobile business intelligence tools to support their business objectives. In this section, IT leaders from different companies discuss how mobile BI tools and capabilities have worked for their users.


In-memory mobile BI application speeds sales for food manufacturer

More mainstream companies are finding uses for in-memory applications that facilitate mobile business intelligence. Continue Reading


U.K. health service unit taps mobile BI to improve patient care

NHS Trust is using a mobile business intelligence system from Yellowfin to improve clinician performance and patient healthcare Continue Reading


Early adopters implement mobile BI tools

The iPad is helping to drive increased interest in mobile business intelligence, which is opening up BI data to new business users without tying them -- or existing users -- to their offices. Continue Reading


Mobile BI proves to be a business helper at furniture maker

OFS Brands Application Manager Tim Hopper explains why the national furniture supplier pursued a mobile BI strategy and the ways it's paying off. Continue Reading


Mobile BI software an effective Rx for healthcare supply company

Realizing the ubiquity of mobile devices among medical professionals, health care supplies contracting services provider Novation LLC plunged into the mobile business intelligence movement. Continue Reading


Auto retailer gets behind the mobile business intelligence wheel

Mobile business intelligence and advanced analytics are the latest evolution of the BI program at national auto retailer Sonic Automotive. Continue Reading


New business model fueled by mobile BI works for CIO

Mobile business intelligence has lagged the deployment of other business mobile apps; that’s changing as more CIOs realize strategic gains from mobile BI. Continue Reading

3Best practices for mobile BI-

Best-practices advice for implementing a mobile BI strategy

Implementing mobile BI capabilities may be a good idea for your organization, but there are challenges to be aware of. The stories and expert responses featured here offer practical advice on extending business intelligence programs to mobile devices and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.


How to integrate and secure mobile business intelligence apps

All types of businesses should embrace mobile business intelligence applications as part of their overall information strategy. Continue Reading


Growth of mobile BI drives need to downsize, customize apps

Mobile business intelligence adds new challenges for BI teams, especially in designing apps. Don't overdo it on data, say BI managers and analysts. Continue Reading


Mobile BI deployments require attention to back-end IT issues

Back-end factors such as network performance and server hardware are key elements of building an effective mobile business intelligence architecture. Continue Reading


Don't get off-track in designing mobile BI dashboards

Designers creating BI dashboards for mobile devices must balance the need for functionality with expectations of an optimized mobile user experience. Continue Reading


Weighing the benefits and obstacles of mobile business intelligence

Developing and delivering mobile business intelligence applications poses various challenges that can derail a mobile BI strategy if not avoided. Continue Reading


Mobile BI tools: The importance of making the business case

End users increasingly want to run business intelligence applications on mobile devices. But mobile BI investments need to be justified, analysts say. Continue Reading


Mobile BI apps succeed with practical design approach

To be successful, mobile business intelligence projects must provide useful capabilities, not just cool-looking apps, BI managers and analysts say. Continue Reading


Expanding your business intelligence architecture to mobile devices

Get tips on expanding a business intelligence architecture to support mobile devices and mobile BI software. Find out about the BI capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of mobile devices. Continue Reading


The real value of mobile business intelligence (BI)

Thinking about adding mobile business intelligence (BI) tools to your BI and analytics strategy? Find out where the real value of mobile BI resides and get real-world examples. Continue Reading

4Multimedia content-

Multimedia content on mobile business intelligence software

Listen to BI consultants and managers discuss first-hand experiences and offer tips on selecting, deploying and managing mobile business intelligence software in these videos and podcasts.


Advice for deploying mobile BI applications: Dos and don'ts

Learn some best practices for deploying mobile BI from Forrester analysts Boris Evelson and Michael Facemire. Continue Reading


William McKnight: Key steps to deploying effective mobile BI systems

In a podcast, BI expert William McKnight discusses best practices and action items for managing deployments of mobile business intelligence tools. Continue Reading


Claudia Imhoff on how to build collaborative programs with mobile BI

Claudia Imhoff discusses the challenges of combining collaboration with mobile BI and shares tips on how businesses can get over those hurdles. Continue Reading


Big data analytics, mobile BI help trucking company optimize operations

In a video Q&A, Timothy Leonard of U.S. Xpress explains how the trucking company uses big data analytics, real-time BI software and mobile BI apps in unison to make important business decisions. Continue Reading


Mobile, self-service and collaborative BI video series

In a series of video Q&As, business intelligence analysts and IT vendors discuss the current state of self-service, collaborative and mobile BI tools and offer advice on deploying and using them. Continue Reading


Podcast: Mobile BI survey results from analyst Howard Dresner

Security risks and form factor limitations top the list of concerns around mobile business intelligence, according to a new survey by Howard Dresner. Continue Reading

5Mobile BI research-

Industry research and analysis on mobile BI applications

Sometimes it's helpful to get an outside opinion and review the available research before deploying a technology. The articles contained here offer survey findings and insights from top BI consultants on mobile BI adoption and issues.


There's more to mobile BI than making data look good, analyst says

Mobile BI continues to revel in popularity. But to take advantage of the technology, businesses need to make sure their data houses are in order, a Gartner analyst says. Continue Reading


Gartner shares strategies for building a solid mobile BI business case

According to a recent Gartner survey, mobile technology is the second most important priority for CIOs in 2012, but building the business case is easier said than done. Continue Reading


TDWI report reveals security concerns, other challenges on mobile BI

Interest in mobile BI is growing, but democratizing data also presents hurdles for building a business case, according to new research from TDWI. Continue Reading


Business intelligence becomes a top mobile priority, survey says

Mobile business intelligence has become a top-three priority for businesses, according to new research by analyst Howard Dresner. Continue Reading


Glossary of mobile BI terms

Getting tangled up in the terminology? Here's a helpful glossary explaining some of the key terms related to mobile business intelligence and mobile BI tools.

7Mobile BI Quiz-

Quiz: Deploying and managing mobile BI apps

Now that you've read the articles and listened to the multimedia content in our guide, test your understanding of mobile BI by taking this brief quiz.

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