Mobile BI tools, trends and best practices guide

Last updated:June 2013

Editor's note

As the use of smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices escalates in the workplace, so does the interest in mobile business intelligence applications among corporate executives, sales teams and other end users. As a result, BI managers at more and more companies are evaluating the benefits, cost-effectiveness and challenges of implementing a mobile BI strategy.

Mobile business intelligence applications that offer BI-on-the-go capabilities can increase the productivity of business users, whether they're in meetings or on the road. But with new technologies come new challenges to consider, and mobile BI is no different. For example, experienced users and BI consultants cite potential complications such as data security concerns, the small screen-size and limited memory of mobile devices and issues with supporting the myriad tablet computers and smartphones on the market as part of bring your own device policies.

This guide, featuring articles and multimedia content published by SearchBusinessAnalytics and other TechTarget websites, offers a one-stop resource for BI managers and professionals who want to get up to speed on mobile BI trends and get advice on how to create effective mobile BI apps and successfully deploy mobile BI tools.

1High profile companies implementing mobile BI

Organizations across various industries have deployed mobile business intelligence tools to support their business objectives. In this section, IT leaders from different companies discuss how mobile BI tools and capabilities have worked for their users.

2Best-practices advice for implementing a mobile BI strategy

Implementing mobile BI capabilities may be a good idea for your organization, but there are challenges to be aware of. The stories and expert responses featured here offer practical advice on extending business intelligence programs to mobile devices and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

3Multimedia content on mobile business intelligence software

Listen to BI consultants and managers discuss first-hand experiences and offer tips on selecting, deploying and managing mobile business intelligence software in these videos and podcasts.

4Industry research and analysis on mobile BI applications

Sometimes it's helpful to get an outside opinion and review the available research before deploying a technology. The articles contained here offer survey findings and insights from top BI consultants on mobile BI adoption and issues.

5Quiz: Deploying and managing mobile BI apps

Now that you've read the articles and listened to the multimedia content in our guide, test your understanding of mobile BI by taking this brief quiz.