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Special Report: Artificial intelligence apps come of age

In this guide, we provide tips, news and multimedia content on artificial intelligence technologies, including image recognition, machine learning, deep neural networks and speech recognition.


Artificial intelligence is expected to be ubiquitous within just five years, as developers gain access to cognitive technologies through readily available algorithms. With AI, companies are able to make sense of unstructured data, improve data center efficiency or meet the needs of customers who demand nothing less than smart apps and personalized interactions.

In this guide, we cover the technologies that encompass the umbrella term artificial intelligence, including image recognition, machine learning, deep neural networks and speech recognition. Learn how artificial intelligence apps help businesses bridge customer service gaps and gain sales intelligence from big data, how AI is changing the way developers build applications, and the ways AI technologies affect data center infrastructure.

We also cover examples of how businesses successfully use AI today, along with the challenges that surround cognitive systems such as machine learning.

1Artificial intelligence apps-

Artificial intelligence seeds down to business apps

Businesses have access to more information than ever before, and they are using AI technologies to make the most of that data.

In this section, learn about the AI technologies being applied to business apps, such as AI chatbots in customer relationship management systems and deep learning for advanced analytics.


Artificial intelligence coming to an app near you

Artificial intelligence is expected to be pervasive in all new products by 2020, with technologies including natural language capabilities, deep neural networks and conversational capabilities integrated into business apps. Continue Reading


AI a priority in CRM systems

As industry leaders such as Salesforce quickly scoop up artificial intelligence companies, there's a move toward creating cloud-based CRM systems that act as digital assistants, rather than data input tools. Continue Reading


The quest for deep machine learning Nirvana

CTO and co-founder of startup Loop AI Labs works to further the cause of unsupervised machine intelligence -- also known as deep machine learning -- for applications. Here's why that's an important goal. Continue Reading


Cognitive computing, machine learning augment marketing

Data-driven marketing strategies enable automation of time-consuming processes while giving companies a way to personalize their ads to customers. But there's a careful privacy line that may be easily crossed. Continue Reading


Artificial intelligence pie in the sky tech to reside in the cloud

The AI-as-a-service application feeding frenzy is well under way as companies look to artificial intelligence apps to gain a competitive edge. Continue Reading


Deep learning tools make hay of unstructured data

Deep learning tools are helping companies make use of unstructured data from sources such as social networks and customer service notes. Continue Reading

2AI myths -- busted-

AI chatbots will steal your job and other myths

Forget what you've heard: The broad generalization that artificial intelligence systems will steal jobs isn't true. In fact, while AI will replace certain roles, others will sprout and smart machines will make many jobs easier by providing quick access to information.

Beyond the job market fears, many technology providers overhype what AI can do or misuse the term to cash in on the trend. Don't allow their artificial statements and false beliefs impede your intelligence on this emerging technology market.


White House request for information draws AI hopes and fears

A request by the White House for information about the future of artificial intelligence shows a divide between those who embrace intelligent machines and those who worry about a future in which robots run the world. Continue Reading


What CIOs need to know about AI technology

Advances in AI technology are coming more quickly and are more significant in terms of features, functions and human connection. Learn AI history and 10 CIO imperatives for the AI age. Continue Reading


Artificial intelligence requires human intellect

Most AI technologies are actually supervised learning systems, which means humans need to teach machines what they need to know -- and that's unlikely to change for some time. Continue Reading


Why artificial intelligence probably won't steal your job

Artificial intelligence apps are being used to fill certain job gaps, but this expert says most of us have nothing to fear from an artificially intelligent future. Continue Reading


Artificial intelligence app reality check

The AI app market holds huge potential, but that potential needs to be tempered with some hard realities about the capabilities and business value of artificial intelligence technology. Continue Reading


Will the real artificial intelligence apps please stand up?

Some of the artificial intelligence tools on the market today are only algorithms optimized to do one specific task and are far from the original fantasy of AI replacing human intelligence. Continue Reading

3AI development-

AI development tools speed smart app availability

You don't need a massive development team and deep pockets to build artificial intelligence apps.

IBM, Google and other tech giants have made artificial intelligence technologies, including natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, available for businesses to use in their applications to help make AI pervasive.


Plug-and-play machine learning algorithms speed bot development

Tech giants are handing over access to high-powered machine learning algorithms that can parse text or speech to decrease time to development of advanced machine learning applications. Continue Reading


IBM Watson APIs bring artificial intelligence to the masses

To commoditize AI, IBM strives to simplify the task of programming systems with artificial intelligence technologies. Continue Reading


The sky's the limit for machine learning applications

Because machine learning app development involves a lot of trial and error, being able to test modeling concepts and designs inexpensively is helpful. That's where cloud comes in. Continue Reading

Blog Post

AI meets DevOps with new tool

U.K.-based Stepsize aims to put artificial intelligence into DevOps with its desktop application for developers that automatically adds context to code bases. Continue Reading


Google TensorFlow aids AI app development

IT architects should consider how to use a new generation of artificial intelligence algorithms that leverage data from cloud infrastructure. Continue Reading


Big data fuels AI development

This podcast looks at what businesses can expect from artificial intelligence software today, and why the future of AI is likely to be much more modest than you might think. Continue Reading


Machine learning techniques for big data analytics

Check out this episode of the Talking Data podcast and learn about machine learning methods that stand poised to change the course of data analytics. Continue Reading

4AI in the data center-

How cognitive technologies affect data centers, IT operations

Artificial intelligence technologies have begun to change the way companies interact with customers, the way developers build applications and the way IT teams buy data center infrastructure.

Businesses that want to use cognitive tools need servers with GPUs designed to handle AI workloads, for sure, but AI technologies such as machine learning are being used to help IT teams improve data center infrastructure efficiency and take over time-consuming IT management tasks.


Machine learning for IT pros: 101

Machine learning algorithms are the new shiny object grabbing everyone's attention, but excitement around this technology quickly fades if you go in without realizing how complex it is. Continue Reading


Neural networks and deep learning in the data center

Machine learning is coming to the data center both to improve internal IT management and embed intelligence into key business processes, thanks to newer, more computationally complex forms of neural network algorithms. Continue Reading


Virtualization + AI software = Higher efficiency

Data centers are becoming too complicated for traditional engineers to manage all the processes. AI software is emerging as a way to streamline a number of complex virtualization duties. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Cognitive storage could cut big data costs

Cognitive storage systems designed to automatically differentiate high- and low-value data and determine what information to keep, where to store it and how long to retain it could mitigate big data storage costs. Continue Reading


AI technology providers work to automate network security

The world's first automated network defense tournament aims to push automatic program analysis to find ways to fix security flaws and bugs faster than humans can. Continue Reading


Machine learning poses challenges for IT operations

Things can go wrong when implementing machine learning, with significant effects on IT operations. Here are some of the challenges to prepare for. Continue Reading

5AI in action-

How businesses apply AI to engage customers, boost sales

Within the next five years, there's a high probability that the email you receive about a product or service will be from a chatbot, thanks to advances in machine learning and natural language processing.

In this section, learn how companies are using artificial intelligence tools to advance their sales and marketing efforts or gain intelligence from the data they collect, along with users' challenges with cognitive platforms.


Salesforce bot automation chatbots help lift KLM

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a more commonly used tool to help organizations like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines address customer service issues. Continue Reading


Machine learning algorithms for the masses

Machine learning and AI may sound intimidating, but with readily available algorithms, you don't need the technical resources of a company like Google to get started. Continue Reading


AI chatbots help turn leads into sales

Salespeople have been hesitant to hand leads over to software automation, but advancements in artificial intelligence technologies make it a no-brainer. Continue Reading


Meet your friendly neighborhood sales rep -- the AI chatbot

Marketing departments are using AI chatbots to bridge the gap between leads and actual sales calls, with many measures of success. Continue Reading


Companies use deep learning tools to mine big data

Twitter is among the companies relying on deep learning techniques instead of traditional machine learning to make use of unstructured data. Continue Reading


The machine learning tool learning curve is steep

Machine learning algorithms churn through large data sets and can accelerate data mining and predictive analytics apps, but users face a substantial learning curve. Continue Reading

6AI tech talks-

Hear how AI affects businesses, jobs

Artificial intelligence technologies have made their way into business applications, and the impact on companies, employees and customers gives industry watchers plenty to talk about.

In these videos, TechTarget editors discuss how businesses are applying various cognitive computing technologies and the overall positive and negative impacts that these new approaches may have.


AI to replace some dangerous jobs, improve others

As machines get smarter, they're encroaching on job functions in unexpected ways. In an interview with SearchCIO, the director of the Humans and Autonomy Lab at Duke University weighs in on how AI affects jobs.


AI becoming a must-have to meet customer expectations

The deeper that technology is integrated into customers' lives, the more they'll expect from the companies they do business with. CIOs should consider the machine learning and artificial intelligence investments they'll have to make to meet customer expectations.

7Artificial intelligence terms-

AI terms to know

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