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April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2

Too much business information? It's not a new problem

An excess of business information you say? This is not a new problem. When I was in college too many years ago, the Police, on their Ghost in the Machine album, sang, "Too much information running through my brain / Too much information driving me insane." There's still too much information—way too much. Fortunately, technology has helped to manage the glut. But even with fast in-memory databases, new NoSQL databases and specialized analytics tools making inroads into the enterprise—all of which are discussed in detail in this issue of Business Information—are we getting any closer to understanding and controlling all of the data, or is the data still controlling us? I would say it depends on how smart your company is on the "understanding" part of the equation. We are all getting pretty good at collecting the data. That's the easy part. We are even getting better at organizing it, but understanding still requires a human touch—and that's in short supply these days; companies aren't hiring the right people, or there aren't ...

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