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December 2015, Volume 3, Number 6

Shortage of data scientists, big data pros vexes IoT efforts

It may be the Internet of Things, but it takes people to make IoT data management and analytics projects work. The problem is there's a shortage of data scientists and data management professionals with skills in using Hadoop and other big data technologies -- at least at salary levels that won't bust budgets. Joe Hsy, director of the cloud services platform and tools at Cisco Systems Inc.'s WebEx conferencing unit, said the competition in the job market is intense on both the processing and analytics sides. WebEx is using Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and other in-demand technologies to collect and analyze data from the mobile devices and PCs of people using its Web and video conferencing services. To help ensure that his team can use those technologies effectively, Hsy said he is working to expand the skills of existing employees, while "aggressively hiring" new workers when he finds them. The shortage of data scientists and other workers with big data skills was one of the reasons Automatic Labs Inc. decided to adopt Databricks' ...

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