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October 2013, Volume 1, Number 5

Bow down to the IT ROI throne on all BI projects? Fuggedaboutit!

Return on investment is what it's all about on business intelligence programs, customer engagement initiatives and other IT projects. If you can't demonstrate a projected ROI up front, you've got no chance of getting a proposed project approved and funded. Throw that brilliant idea in the circular file and forget you ever thought of it. Right? Well, don't be so sure. IT ROI isn't all it's cracked up to be. Consider the responses to a question on our 2013 Analytics & Data Warehousing Reader Survey, conducted earlier this year. Asked to identify the top factors in evaluating and selecting BI tools for their organizations, the 681 IT, BI and business professionals who answered the question cited integration with enterprise applications, cost, fit with business requirements, usability -- and then ROI. It was a pretty distant fifth, too: Only 32% of the respondents made ROI one of their three choices, compared with between 53% and 40% for the factors that ranked above it. And that wasn't an outlier result. In a similar survey two ...

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