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Alteryx analytics tools help simplify advanced data analysis

The Alteryx advanced analytics tool suite comprises three products: the Alteryx Designer desktop tool, Alteryx Server and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery cloud-based application.

Alteryx Inc. provides advanced analytics tools designed to minimize the effort required to perform data analysis and to simplify the process of accessing and blending data from multiple data sources. The suite consists of three products.

The Alteryx Designer desktop tool enables users to perform predictive analytics, spatial analytics, reporting and visualization, as well as to create analytical applications through a single workflow. Users can access and blend data from data sources, including flat files, data warehouses, relational databases, Hadoop data stores, NoSQL databases, Microsoft Office applications, social media platforms, other analytic tools, and third-party big data and cloud data sources.

Alteryx Server is a server-based product that provides organizations with a scalable and highly available architecture, enabling them to handle their complex analytics problems, while sharing the results with other departments and business decision-makers. The tool provides a way to schedule concurrent workflows, as well as to publish and share analytic applications securely within the organization. Authors and administrators are able to centrally and securely store analytical applications and manage user access controls to ensure analytic governance.

Alteryx Analytics Gallery is a cloud-based application for sharing analytic applications and models with members of an extended organization, including partners, customers, suppliers or other Alteryx users.

The latest release, Alteryx Analytics 11.0, is a major platform update that includes the following:

  • Alteryx Designer improvements that provide data profiling enhancements and other usability and user experience improvements.
  • A number of new predictive analytics capabilities, as well as improvements to existing predictive tool capabilities.
  • Data Connection improvements that enable Gallery administrators to create and manage data connections in a private Gallery, and then provide access to those data connections to users of Alteryx Designer.
  • Schedule workflow improvements that enable Gallery administrators to schedule, view and manage workflows in a private gallery, as well as to use access controls to grant other Alteryx users the ability to create and manage schedules.
  • Data source integration improvements to provide support for new data sources and improvements for integrating with previously supported data sources.

Alteryx analytics tools run on Microsoft operating systems.

Pricing for Alteryx advanced analytics tools

Alteryx pricing is based on a one-year contract. Lower annual licensing fees are available with a three-year contract.

  • Alteryx Designer is $5,195 per user.
  • Alteryx Designer with Spatial, which provides data-specific analysis tools to get the most from spatial data, is $16,895 per user.
  • Alteryx Designer with Data, which provides data-specific analysis tools to get the most from the packaged data, is $38,995 per user.
  • Alteryx Server is $58,500 for a four CPU core server.
  • Alteryx Gallery is $1,950.

Alteryx analytics tools are sold directly by Alteryx, as well as by value-added resellers. A 14-day trial version of Alteryx Designer is available. Alteryx provides email and phone support, as well as live chat and community support.

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