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An overview of the Teradata Aster Analytics platform

The Teradata Aster Analytics platform includes the Aster Database, Aster SNAP Framework, Aster R, SQL-MapReduce framework, SQL-GR and the Aster Analytics Portfolio.

Teradata Aster Analytics 7.0 is a significant release and update to the company's analytics suite. The suite provides business users with a set of tools and modules that enable them to efficiently uncover data insights for the entire data discovery lifecycle, using advanced data analytic functions. The tools address a range of business analytics scenarios, including customer churn, path to purchase, fraud analysis, manufacturing optimization and product affinity.

The portfolio includes modules that cover the entire data analytics lifecycle as well, from data acquisition through preparation, modeling and visualization. These tools and technologies enable users to work with data using a variety of data stores and analytics technologies. These include SQL, MapReduce, Hadoop, R, Spark, Graph and other data stores for data types that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Combining several technologies into one platform provides for layers of analytics, thus enabling the discovery of insights in data that would be more difficult to find using individual or disparate tools.

Components of the Teradata Aster Analytics suite

At the base of Aster Analytics 7.0 is the Aster Database, which provides the primary product data store that includes support for the Hadoop File System and the Aster Execution Engine, enabling Teradata's scalable massively parallel processing storage and execution architecture.

The core layer also includes several components; for example, Aster SNAP Framework, which enables the different analytical engines and storage engines to easily integrate with the core platform. SNAP also includes a query optimizer for processing across multiple types of workloads, including Graph, R, MapReduce and SQL.

The Aster SQL-MapReduce framework enables users to perform high-performance analytics of MapReduce using standard SQL or R against the Aster Database.

Aster R combines the power of Aster's SNAP Framework with the capabilities of the open source R engine. This approach enables R programmers to take advantage of the prebuilt functions provided by Aster's Portfolio product, in addition to the capabilities of the R libraries. Programmers using R in Aster's framework can achieve massive scalability by leveraging Aster's Database and massively parallel processing architecture.

Aster SQL-GR is a Graph processing engine for performing Graph analytics on big data sets in the Aster Database. Graph discovery enables users to analyze complex Graph network structures.

Aster Analytics Portfolio is a suite of modules that operate above the core layer of Analytics 7. The portfolio includes the following modules:

  • The Data Acquisition module supports accessing data from a variety of sources, including Teradata Data Warehouse, Apache Hadoop, as well as other structured and unstructured data sources.
  • The Data Preparation module enables users to transform data from a variety of data types and sources into formats more easily used for analysis purposes.
  • The Analytics module provides users with a set of pre-canned analytic functions to be used for operations including PageRank, Confusion Matrix and Single Decision Tree.
  • The Visualization module includes several capabilities that use Visual SQL-MapReduce functions. These can run using parallel processing on massive amounts of data, enabling users to more quickly glean insight from it.

With release 7.0, Aster also provides a number of other features, including:

  • An extension for integrating with KNIME, enabling users to leverage the KNIME workflow editor and incorporate Astor Analytics functions in those workflows. This enables both expert and non-expert users to more easily and quickly develop analytic models using the combined features of both products.
  • Additional extensions that include the ability to connect Aster workflows with Spark.
  • Additional analytical functions for the internet of things and a number of model validation functions.

Teradata also offers Teradata IntelliCloud, a managed cloud service that provides users with the flexibility and agility of cloud computing for big data analytics, while leveraging Aster's massively parallel analytics engine.

Teradata also offers Aster Express (based on Aster 6.1), a virtual appliance that runs in VMware Workstation Player on a PC. Aster Express is a fully functional cluster that can be used for evaluation, testing or development purposes.

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