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Examining the Qlik data visualization platform

The Qlik data visualization platform aims to help users access, present, explore and capitalize on their data.

Qlik is a data visualization platform that consists of QlikView and Qlik Sense, two products used to access, present and explore data. Qlik Sense provides self-service data visualization and analytics capabilities. It doesn't require a build-and-publish approach, as users can drag and drop to build or extend visual analytics. QlikView provides an analytical application development platform that aims to enable analysts with minimal development expertise or experience to build and publish applications that include information governance and management capabilities.

Qlik integrates with data analytics platforms and databases, such as Microsoft Excel or enterprise BI tools, and allows for the development of dashboards and scorecards. In addition, Qlik provides search capabilities to explore data, as well as ad hoc queries and analysis. Online analytical processing, data discovery and predictive analytics are also supported, as are statistical modeling and big data analytics. Qlik uses the Qlik Indexing Engine to join data for ad hoc queries, free-form data exploration and discovery.

Qlik platform offerings

The Qlik data visualization platform is available for public or private cloud deployment, and can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile platforms. An on-premises server version is available for Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008. Desktop versions for 32- or 64-bit Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8.1 and Mac are also available.

Qlik Sense Desktop is a free desktop suite for personal and business use that combines all the user experience, data exploration, data visualization, drag-and-drop development and storytelling capabilities of Qlik Sense in a standalone Windows client. With Qlik Sense Desktop, there are no limits to the number of apps that can be created or restrictions on file sharing. Qlik Sense Desktop can also be exported to the Qlik Cloud for use by a small group of subscribers or invited users.

QlikView Personal Edition is also a free desktop version that includes the same capabilities and features of QlikView. It is limited to the personal desktop.

Qlik Sense Enterprise is the standard edition that connects to a server for collaboration and sharing, custom development, server-side development and data integration. It provides for key centralized management user identity, data security, and data and application governance. QlikView Server is the enterprise server edition for QlikView.

Licensing and pricing for Qlik

QlikView is licensed on a client- and server-based model. Several optional add-ons are available. Pricing is per server, not per CPU or per core.

Qlik Sense is licensed through a token model that includes the entire infrastructure -- servers, schedulers and more. For Qlik Sense, customers allocate tokens to two main access types: a User Access Pass for frequent users and a Login Access Pass for infrequent users. QlikView offers four user license types: named user, session (concurrent user), document (one user, one document) and usage (one user, one document per month).

Server pricing is based on type and breadth of the deployment. For small deployments, Qlik offers the Small Business Edition Server. For larger deployments, customers can purchase the enterprise edition. For public-facing deployments, Qlik offers its Extranet Server and Information Access Server.

Contact Qlik for pricing and information on volume discounts for enterprise purchases. Both Qlik Sense and QlikView visualization and analytics products are available directly from Qlik, or through certified business partners.

Qlik Support offers two service levels: Basic (previously Standard) and Enterprise (previously Premium).

Basic support, which is 20% of license costs, is for standalone and single-server installations for nonbusiness-critical use. Enterprise support provides 24/7 premium support for 23% of license costs.

The following two add-on options are available as part of the Enterprise Support offering:

  • A designated support engineer, who is a named senior Qlik support resource who works with customers to identify, troubleshoot and resolve all product issues.
  • An assigned customer success manager who helps customers drive adoption and satisfaction with Qlik products.

The company also rolled out Qlik Proactive Support, which anticipates potential issues, and provides proactive support and action.

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