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Information Builders WebFOCUS helps leverage BI analytics

The Information Builders WebFOCUS platform includes several BI analytics tools that users can leverage to perform predictive analytics, statistical modeling and big data analytics.

The Information Builders WebFOCUS platform is a suite of BI analytics tools for business analysts and data scientists, as well as managers, non-technical employees, partners and customers, to work with to gain insights from data.

The WebFOCUS BI analytics tools suite provides users with reporting functions, the ability to create and share dashboards, and scorecards. The tools include BI search, ad-hoc analysis, a business performance management suite, and online application processing functionality, spreadsheet integration and data visualization. Users can leverage these tools to do predictive analytics, statistical modeling and big data analytics.

WebFOCUS platform components

WebFOCUS dashboards are composed of InfoApps, which are interactive BI applications that enable non-technical users to work with the output of data analysis. Data discovery users publish interactive visualizations as InfoApps and deploy statistical models on maps, in reports, on dashboards and even embed them in applications, which users then use to populate their dashboards via an app store-like experience.

InfoApps focus on a specific business problem and are available on mobile devices, the Web or through a portal. The platform also features mobile capabilities that provide real-time access to BI and analytics content on any device, regardless of Internet connection.

Although Information Builders offers a limited version of WebFOCUS called WebFOCUS Express for small to medium-sized businesses, the product is primarily aimed at enterprise and midmarket companies. It features role-based customization and personalization options for its BI portal, dashboard and end-user tools that show users just the reports and information they need.

WebFOCUS includes an integrated version of Information Builders' Performance Management Framework (PMF), which enables users to measure risk alongside performance. PMF capabilities provide business users with animated dynamic charts, gadget integration capabilities and PMF's Dashboard Designer.

WebFOCUS RStat is a predictive modeling and scoring tool that includes a GUI front end to the R library of statistical functions from the R Systems open source project.

The Information Builders WebFOCUS platform includes data management tools for cleansing, enriching, and merging and matching data sets called iWay Integrity Solutions, and enables real-time data and application integration to support analytics and operations via its iWay Integration Suite. WebFOCUS integrates real-time extract, transform and load enhancements and real-time data adapters to keep data quality in check.

OSes supported by Information Builders WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS can be deployed on premises, via public or private cloud and interacted with through iOS and Android mobile devices. A desktop version for PC and Mac is also available. Information Builders WebFOCUS runs on the following operating systems:

  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Linux on System z
  • OpenVMS
  • IBM i (i5/OS, i Series, System i, OS400, DB2 Universal Database)
  • Solaris
  • Tru64
  • Windows
  • IBM z/OS

Information Builders WebFOCUS licensing, pricing and support

WebFOCUS licensing is based on server CPUs with unlimited users per server. Information Builders offers alternative pricing, including named-user-based licensing, typically for portal-based deployments. Although there's no minimum number of users required or separate administrator licenses, the company doesn't generally sell single-person deployments.

Supplying core BI (e.g., dashboards or reports) or analytics (data discovery) to a small group of users (25 to 100) costs approximately $1,000 per user. Per-user costs typically decrease as the number of users increases. A typical deployment is 75 to 100 users and above. Pricing depends on needs, including portal, dashboards, reporting, predictive analytics and data discovery. WebFOCUS is sold directly from Information Builders.

Basic support starts at 20% plus up to $60,000 additional for premium support. A three- to six-month Premium Startup support package is available and costs $20,000 or $40,000, respectively.

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