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Insight into Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite enables users to access information through interactive dashboards, search and mobile devices.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g consists of several BI products that support dashboards, scorecards, production reporting, ad hoc analysis, multidimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) and predictive analytics. The suite enables a wide range of BI use cases, including IT-centric reporting, self-service BI and advanced analysis, and comprises the following tools:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher 11g
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle Essbase and Oracle Essbase Analytics Link

Oracle BI Server and Oracle Essbase are the key server components of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite that enable data access and data management. Oracle BI Server supports access to a wide variety of data sources spanning databases, file structures, applications and services, while Oracle Essbase supports multidimensional OLAP analytics. The foundation of these servers is the Common Enterprise Information Model (CEIM), which supports mapping these data sources into a managed model that can be leveraged by the suite's end-user components.

OBIEE supports the creation of dashboards and reports and the ability to include advanced data visualizations, enable collaboration, and support data searches. Ad hoc queries can be used for business analysis or to iteratively develop dashboards or reports. BI developers can leverage the CEIM to improve productivity and better manage analytics.

Oracle BI Publisher is Oracle's enterprise reporting server for generating, scheduling and delivering reports and documents. Similar to OBIEE, BI Publisher can access the Oracle Server and CEIM for report creation. Publisher also includes an alerting engine that captures and distributes notifications via multiple channels in response to predefined business events and data exceptions.

Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management supports the creation of scorecards that incorporate key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategic goals that can be defined, monitored and distributed to the business. Scorecard metadata objects and visualizations, which are treated like other OBIEE 11g metadata objects, can be embedded in dashboards and ad hoc query and analysis views and monitored as alerts.

BI search can be used to securely explore existing content based on full indexing of dashboards, analyses, views, prompts, KPIs, scorecards, publisher reports, agents, actions, catalogs and folders. Search results can be secured via single sign-on integration. Faceted Search enables information exploration by giving users a context-based starting point for analysis by passing search context to open objects prefiltered to matching keywords.

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile, which is available from Apple iTunes, lets users send notifications and alerts via their iPhones and iPads without compromising security.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Integration enables an Oracle BI system administrator to manage a multiserver enterprise system from a single interface.

Pricing and support information for Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is available from Oracle.

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