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Logi Analytics provides self-service analytics

Logi Vision and Logi Info self-service analytics products enable users to perform reporting and dashboarding, scorecarding, search, ad hoc queries, OLAP and data discovery.

Logi Analytics offers two self-service analytics products: Logi Vision, a visual analytics application designed for workgroup collaboration, and Logi Info, a business analytics platform aimed at helping developers create analytic applications, deploy dashboards and reports, deliver managed self-service analytics to business users, and embed analytics into applications.

Logi Vision and Logi Info can be combined to enable users to perform reporting and dashboarding, scorecarding to track performance, search, ad hoc queries, online analytical processing (OLAP) and data discovery. Users can also perform predictive analytics, data visualizations, statistical modeling and big data analytics by accessing platforms such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and MongoDB, and HP Vertica and Amazon's RedShift.

Logi Info incorporates the Self-Service Reporting Module, which enables business users to author dashboards and reports from IT-managed data. Business users can choose their own data sources for analysis, and create visualizations, author dashboards, and reports via drag-and-drop functionality.

Logi Analytics' products are available via the public cloud, private cloud or on premises. Client-based versions of Logi Vision are available for the PC and Mac, whereas Logi Info is limited to PC. Users also can access data and reports via Android and iOS.

Logi Info is designed for Web deployment on .NET and Java platforms. Applications can be deployed to any major infrastructure, whether on premises, with end users, hosted or in a cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Logi Vision can run in any HTML5 browser but requires Windows for deployment.

Logi Analytics licensing and support

While Logi Vision offers full user licenses and a reader license for users who want only to consume dashboards and reports that others have created, Logi Info has no license tiers. The company typically licenses by CPU core, but occasionally by user, application types or number of customers for external deployments.

Logi Info pricing isn't public, but Logi Vision is priced as follows:

  • Single user is $950 per user, per year.
  • Workgroup of two to 10 users is $800 per user, per year.
  • Enterprise, which is more than 10 users, is $750 per user, per year.

Logi Vision and Logi Info are sold directly from Logi, as well as from resellers and technology partners. Logi Vision can also be purchased through Amazon Web Services and Azure marketplaces.

Full version 15-day free trials are available for both Logi Vision and Logi Info.

Logi Analytics offers a variety of support options, including the Logi Analytics DevNet portal, which offers free support, documentation and video training for developers. Customers also have access to a success team member and can purchase online and in-person training and consulting services.

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