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Inside RapidMiner's data science platform

The RapidMiner data science platform comprises products that enable both technical and nontechnical users to perform a variety of advanced data analytics functions.

The RapidMiner Inc. data science platform enables users to perform predictive analytics and other advanced data analytics, including machine learning, data mining, text analytics, business analytics and visualization, with little or no coding required. 

RapidMiner integrates with several data source types, including Excel, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Ingres, MySQL, Postgres, IBM SPSS, dBASE, text files, and many other structured and unstructured data formats.

The RapidMiner data science platform includes the following products.

RapidMiner Studio provides an intuitive GUI client that enables users to design code-free analysis processes. It helps users more easily explore, blend and cleanse data, as well as build and validate models. The tool gives users the ability to access a comprehensive list of data sources and data transformation and visualization methods.

RapidMiner Server provides support for team sharing and collaboration, as well as improved performance and scalability for running complex analyses. It enables users to create predictive applications, web-based apps or ad hoc reports, or to embed predictive models into business processes using a code-free applications designer. RapidMiner Server includes user management functions, version control and other security features.

RapidMiner Radoop provides nontechnical users with an intuitive GUI that enables them to process RapidMiner Studio processes inside of a Hadoop cluster; this enables users to leverage SparkR, PySpark, Pig and HiveQ scripts.

RapidMiner Extensions provide access to numerous extensions to RapidMiner, extending its capabilities in areas such as text mining and integration with R, Weka, Python and web mining scripts.

RapidMiner Cloud is a subscription-based advanced analytics product that provides on-demand compute power.

Recent enhancements to the RapidMiner data science platform include the following:

  • Performance improvements for both RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server through the implementation of a new parallel execution framework that enables the use of multiple CPU cores.
  • Graphical and usability improvements.
  • Big data improvements that include faster and easier integration with Hadoop through direct integration with Cloudera Manager and Ambari.

RapidMiner Studio is a cross-platform product that can run on Microsoft Windows, macOS 10.8 or later, and Linux. RapidMiner Server operates on Windows Server or Linux.

The core software in the RapidMiner data science platform is available as open source under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3. Each of its products is available in free-to-use, as well as fee-based configurations

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