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Inside the SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics tool suite

The SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics suite of on-premises and cloud-based tools can be used by data scientists, analytics professionals, as well as less technical teams.

The SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics tool suite provides users with capabilities that combine the quick modeling of analytical processes using an automated self-service tool with advanced predictive analytic algorithms and features.

The product provides organizations with a comprehensive end-to-end predictive data analytics tool for use by expert data analysts, data scientists and business analysts. Through the use of an intuitive, web-based GUI, users of all skill levels can quickly employ many different models and incrementally test a variety of what-if scenarios in real time.

The predictive analytics tool enables automated data preparation and predictive modeling, and offers a scoring feature for business users who don't have a formal background in data science or data analytics. Also included are advanced analytics models such as classification, regression, segmentation, time series, and social network analysis and product recommendation.

Features and capabilities of the SAP predictive analytics tool

Product highlights include the following:

  • Faster time to develop and deploy models. Models are designed to be implemented in minutes or hours, as opposed to days with traditional tools.
  • The ability to create predictive models that can support data having thousands of input attributes.
  • Automated processes for data preparation, modeling and deployment tasks. Automated processes increase quality by removing errors often introduced through manual procedures, while also reducing the number of steps in the traditional approach.
  • Support for a variety of commonly used data analytics tools and libraries, such as R.
  • Apache Hadoop and Spark integration and modeling.
  • Connectivity to a variety of big data sources.
  • Support for memory scoring when used with SAP HANA, as well as stored procedure generation for embedding predictive models, and continuous computational language code for data streaming scenarios, such as with the internet of things.
  • Support for database scoring with third-party vendor relational databases.
  • Support for tight integration with other SAP software and SAP Hybris products.
  • The ability to gain easier insights into data using advanced visualization techniques.

SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics is based on several subcomponents: Automated Analytics, which was previously known as InfiniteInsight, which was developed by KXEN; Expert Analytics, which was previously known as SAP Predictive Analysis; and SAP Predictive Factory. An SAP product availability matrix delineates the technology platforms on which each subcomponent can operate.

SAP also offers SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for predictive analytics, which provides users with many of the same functions and features as are described above. With this option, customers can leverage predictive analytical models in the cloud to identify insights in their data with just a few clicks, without the effort required for implementing the hardware and software of an on-premises tool.

The SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics tool can be purchased directly from SAP or a partner. Contact SAP for pricing and support information.

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