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Healthcare Business Intelligence

Healthcare business intelligence benefits everyone from the patient to hospital executives.

This article originally appeared on the BeyeNETWORK.

Healthcare business intelligence can benefit everyone from the patient to the hospital executives. It's a known fact that health insurance providers collect in-depth patient information to help determine premiums, formularies and rosters. This information could be harnessed to make the industry more efficient.

The patient could benefit in many ways when agencies use healthcare business intelligence. One of the simplest benefits could be automated phone calls, e-mails or postcards sent, reminding a patient of an upcoming appointment or checkup. This could result in a reduction of missed appointments resulting in healthier patients and happier doctors.

The pharmaceutical industry is also one of the beneficiaries of a robust healthcare business intelligence plan. Millions of dollars could be saved on drug research and development with a data warehouse of past treatment hypotheses and drug combinations. Patient rosters and health histories could also help provide needed data when finding participants for drug trials, saving money otherwise spent on less-than-perfect candidates.

Everyone Benefits from Healthcare Business Intelligence
The government could also benefit from healthcare business intelligence when it comes to disease outbreaks and vaccine shortages. Local providers would have access to a database of at-risk patients who would see the greatest benefit from vaccination or treatment. Agencies would be better able to track outbreaks of communicable diseases and treat them accordingly.

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