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Coremetrics promises added Web-analytics action

Added speed and a new ROI guide should help users of Coremetrics Online Analytics 2004 act quickly once they determine how their customers behave online.

Coremetrics Inc., the Burlingame, Calif., Web-analytics firm, today announced a new version of its tool for analyzing...

customer and visitor online activity.

Formerly known as Marketforce, the new Coremetrics Online Analytics 2004 includes new functions for improving speed and flexibility, prescriptive analysis to guide ROI, and functionality to extend data across multiple channels.

"This allows companies to spend less time analyzing data and more time taking action," said Brett Hurt, Coremetrics founder and chief architect.

The new Online Analytics 2004 includes a new user interface with interactive graphing, drill down tables and trending. Additionally, customized reports are integrated into the application, allowing users to access client-specific data, metrics and business rules.

A virtual analyst provides users with analyses and prescriptive instructions based on Coremetrics' e-commerce experience.

"We're now pushing best practices out to the interface," Hurt said.

The new functions are based on Coremetrics' Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE) Profiles, which capture and store all customer and visitor online activity.

As an application service provider, Coremetrics retains a huge warehouse of data for its clients. Currently, Coremetrics houses 1 billion LIVE Profiles totaling19 terabytes of data. The application tracks every customer movement on a site, including the ads clicked on and the promotions explored, as well as information about the way users move through a site, the products bought and products put in a cart but not purchased.

Those profiles help to drive LIVEmail, targeted marketing e-mails.

"What we've done is said, 'Here are the tool sets you should be using; we can help you with that data,'" Hurt said.

Coremetrics targets its products to three key markets: business-to-consumer, financial services and travel services. It has vertical-specific software versions with individual reports built into each, Hurt said.

Coremetrics also announced a partnership with ForeSee Results Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich., which uses the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to predict the reliability of drivers of customer satisfaction online. Through the partnership, the companies are marketing LIVEsurvey, a diagnostic tool combining the LIVE Profiles with the ACSI to determine which part of the Web experience matters most to customers.


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