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Columbia doctors say streaming analytics software will save lives

Streaming analytics software will one day help doctors detect aneurysms and other potentially fatal maladies, according to Columbia University Medical Center researchers.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center are using IBM streaming analytics software as the backbone of a new initiative that – if successful – will allow doctors to detect brain aneurysms and other potentially fatal medical problems before it’s too late.

Streaming analytics software allows users to analyze huge volumes of data as it is made available. Columbia doctors believe the technology can save lives by helping them spot dangerous yet subtle symptoms and medical patterns that are otherwise easily missed by the naked eye. One of the main goals of the project is to detect the onset of aneurysms up to 48 hours earlier than current methods.

Columbia doctors say streaming analytics technology – which can be configured to analyze information from any number of data intensive electronic medical instruments – can also help healthcare providers to prevent or minimize the effects of heart attacks and strokes. sat down with Dr. Michael Schmidt at the recent IBM Information on Demand 2010 conference to learn more about how streaming analytics holds the potential to save lives. Schmidt is one of the pioneering doctors behind the streaming analytics healthcare project and serves as Columbia University Medical Center’s director of neuromonitoring and informatics.

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