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Attunity, EMC team up to bring 'big data' replication to the enterprise

Attunity and EMC want to make it easier for organizations to replicate "big data" sets, and more big data news from around the Web.

Data replication and integration software maker Attunity Inc. has teamed up with EMC Corp. in an effort to make it easier for organizations to move so called "big data" sets around the enterprise.

Under the new partnership, Attunity has unveiled data replication software for the EMC-Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform, an integrated software package that includes the Greenplum Database for structured data and the Greenplum HD enterprise Hadoop distribution for processing unstructured data.

Attunity has also announced that its flagship replication offering, Attunity Replicate, has been optimized for use with several EMC Greenplum products.

Attunity Replicate for Greenplum is intended to streamline data movement, one of the most time-consuming parts of the analytic process, according to Matt Benati, Attunity's vice president of global marketing.

Big data technology is "a double-edged sword," Benati said in an interview. It can enable organizations to leverage important data for things like personalized coupons at checkout and custom-fitted credit card promotions, and ultimately help companies gain a competitive edge. But "nobody can figure out how to [quickly] get this data into the data warehouse to give them this analytic response."

The traditional method of moving data, extract, transform and load (ETL), is optimized for transformations, so its use for data movement causes a "bottleneck" in data centers, said Benati, who added that Attunity Replicate uses a two-step replication process to combat buildup.

Benati cites Attunity Replicate's added compatibility for the EMC Greenplum data warehouse as "the crux" of the Attunity-EMC partnership. The companies, which have worked together both in the United States and Israel, have optimized Attunity Replicate's Scatter/Gather Streaming technology for "fast, parallel data loading," according to Attunity.

EMC Greenplum will officially begin supporting Attunity Replicate on Aug. 1.

"There's this wonderful promise out there of big data. And the real challenge is making good on that promise," Benati said. For those interested in embarking on big data ventures, Benati advises to "start with what your goals are, and then work backward."

Dell proposes big data retention solution

In other data management news, Dell Inc.'s new big data retention product aims to reduce costs and streamline the management processes associated with information retention and compliance.

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The retention product, which comprises Dell storage and RainStor database technology, can be used either as a standalone repository or one that integrates existing analytics platforms. It can also be used in conjunction with the Hadoop.

The RainStor database acts as a large-scale data retention system for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It's cost-efficient, according to Dell, because it allows data to be analyzed across an "unlimited" number of sources from a single point.

"Being able to cost-effectively capture and store all of the relevant data makes it possible to gain insights that support innovation and business value," Darren Thomas, vice president and general manager of Dell Enterprise Storage, said in a press release.

Ohio uses big data in traffic beat down

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has joined forces with Kirkland, Wash.-based INRIX Inc., global traffic intelligence giant, to normalize post-storm travel conditions more rapidly using big data.

As part of its mission to clear state roads of debris within three hours following major storms, ODOT will use INRIX traffic speed data and cloud-based analytics to determine the amount of time that will be required to restore road and traffic conditions to normal.

"Restoring travel to normal conditions as quickly as possible not only improves public safety, but keeps people and commerce moving across the state," Ted Trepanier, an INRIX senior director, said in a statement.

ODOT, which joins over 25 state departments of transportation using INRIX traffic speed data, will also use INRIX to determine which routes would benefit from maintenance and other improvements.

MapR Technologies enters the Google Cloud

MapR Technologies Inc., the provider of a commercial Hadoop distribution, has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program. The news comes on the heels of MapR's announcement that its Hadoop distribution is now available on the Google Compute Engine.

"The Google Cloud Platform offers a broad set of application development, cloud storage and large-scale computing that augments our ease of use, performance and scale for our customers," Alan Geary, senior director of business development at San Jose, Calif.-based MapR, said in a press release.

The Google's Cloud Platform Partner Program is made up of a variety of vendors and specialists in areas such as management and development tools, analytics and business intelligence.

"To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products, we work closely with technology companies, like MapR Technologies, which provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform," Eric Morse, Google Cloud Platform head of sales and business development, said in a statement.

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