Qlik updates its lineup of data visualization software

BI software vendor Qlik has announced three new or updated products aimed at making it easier for end users to share data, analyses and applications.

Qlik Technologies Inc., maker of the popular self-service business intelligence and data visualization software QlikView, announced a major retooling of its product lineup that updates its offerings from top to bottom.

Updated self-service software

At the center of the announcement is an updated release of Qlik Sense. The product refresh is aimed at speeding up analyses and making it easier for various users, from business users to data analysts, to share information.

One new feature incorporates technology from Vizubi, a software company Qlik acquired earlier this year. The main product of that company was NPrinting, software now incorporated into Qlik Sense that supports the creation of structured reports in formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Reports can also be published via the Web or in emails.

Another new feature is Smart Data Load, a visual data profiling tool that allows users to inspect data sets at a high level before pulling them into the application, and to deal with data in a variety of different data stores without requiring scripting knowledge -- though the company says scripting is supported for developers working on more complex issues.

The updated version of Qlik Sense will be available in June.

A new approach to data as a service

Qlik also announced its new DataMarket service. This offering stems from its acquisition of a company called DataMarket earlier this year. This service gives users access to a library of free and paid data sets, enabling them to blend external data from sources like the United Nations and World Bank with their internal data sets.

As examples, the company suggested that sales managers could blend internal sales figures with population data to assess market penetration of products, or that retailers could combine sales information with weather data to assess the effect of weather on sales.

Qlik says the service brings in data from more than 200 sources and currently holds over 100,000 data sets.

New developer platform

The third leg of Qlik's new offerings is an application development tool called Analytics Platform. It's intended to support the development of analytics-focused applications that live on employees' mobile devices or companies' employee-facing websites.

The platform is built around Qlik's proprietary Qlik Associative Indexing engine, or QIX, in-memory data processing technology that is the foundation of the company's own software offerings, like Qlik Sense and QlikView. The Analytics Platform bundles on top of this a library of prebuilt visualizations, an API interface and an application development toolkit to help in building data models and other functions.

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