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AI development heats up, fueled by big data

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AI software has been around for decades, but it's getting renewed life now, thanks in large part to the growth of big data and cloud software offerings.

Artificial intelligence has been getting tons of attention lately, but for all its trendiness, it's far from a new concept. So why is this area of technology suddenly reinvigorated?

In this edition of Talking Data, we address this question and try to assess what the future holds for the AI market. It turns out the sudden surge in interest in AI is closely linked to big data, a more recent tech trend that has breathed fresh life into AI development, a trend that has itself been around for decades. Now that businesses have huge troves of data, they are increasingly able to leverage it in smart applications.

The podcast also looks at what businesses can expect from AI software in the future. While do-it-all machines dominate popular conceptions of AI, the real future is likely to be much more modest. General-purpose AI is still, at least for now, the domain of science fiction. Real life AI software, today, tends to be much more purpose-driven and limited in its applicability. But that doesn't mean businesses can't see real value from more modest AI applications.

Finally, the podcast examines how tech companies are looking to capitalize on artificial intelligence. The market is hugely fragmented right now, but it is being eyed by some bigtime players. AI is widely expected to be a hot market for some time, and both large and small companies may see their fortunes rise or fall depending on their ability to get AI development right.

Listen to this podcast to learn what to expect from AI and how experts expect the technology to develop. 

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