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Assessing the state of cloud-based analytics software

Some technology vendors and commentators are betting that the time has come for analytics in the cloud. In this edition of Talking Data we put that notion to the test.

Last year technology vendors bet big on cloud-based analytics software, which prompted some commentators to suggest that the time is now right for businesses to move their analytics to the cloud. Whether or not that's the case remains to be seen.

To get a reality check on this we sat down with John Myers, managing research director for business intelligence and data warehousing at Enterprise Management Associates. He recently completed a survey of 257 businesses to get their thoughts on how ready they are to move to the cloud. The report also addresses other key considerations for implementing cloud analytics software, like security, contractual terms, and speed and dependability.

There are still a number of issues to be ironed out. As the report notes, implementing previously established data schemas in cloud systems can be tricky. Additionally, sending data from an organization's own data stores to the cloud can be painful. These kinds of issues have historically held back businesses from adopting cloud-based analytics software and continue to be hurdles.

Before any business-critical applications can be moved to the cloud, organizations will have to figure out how they will handle these issues. That being said, a surprising number of businesses have already made the leap to the cloud, utilizing a wide range of services including data centers, discovery tools and integration platforms. Listen to this edition of Talking Data to learn more.

Ed Burns is site editor of SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.

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