BI project management tips for implementation success

Get business intelligence (BI) project management tips to help ensure a successful implementation. Learn how to gather user requirements, prevent scope creep, overcome common PM challenges and more.

Managing a business intelligence (BI) implementation project can differ greatly from managing other forms of technology projects. That's a big reason why project managers need to make sure that they have a strong grasp of what to expect before diving headfirst into the world of BI and data management.

To help you get up to speed on BI project management and provide you with BI project management tips to help ensure a successful BI implementation, we spoke with data management and project management expert Bob Newell, a senior consultant for Baseline Consulting, a technology and management consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration.

In this 17-minute podcast, listeners will learn:

  • How BI project management requirements differ from those of other technologies (0:47)
  • The unique challenges that BI implementations create for project managers (2:11)
  • How to prevent "scope creep" from business end users (4:18)
  • Common mistakes made by project managers during BI implementations, and how to avoid the pitfalls (10:53)
  • Core BI project management skills that will still be important in five and 10 years from now (12:55)
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Business intelligence (BI) project management tips for implementation success

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Bob Newell

About the speaker: Bob Newell is a senior consultant at Baseline Consulting. Newell has spent his career bridging technical and business disciplines, focusing on the effective utilization of data to advance strategic business objectives. This includes domain expertise in many technical disciplines, such as database architecture, data presentation, CDI and ETL strategies, and enterprise architecture. He also manages the development of BI application portfolios and business requirements. Prior to joining Baseline, Newell held various management positions at Teradata Corp., including the director of Teradata database engineering and director of Teradata client software development. He also managed software development for D. Appleton Co. (DACOM), a leading provider of business process and enterprise data modeling services.

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