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Business data analytics tools: benefits, challenges and advice

Get an overview of the potential benefits of using data analytics software and common challenges involved in deploying analytics tools from Ventana analyst David Menninger.

The level of interest in advanced data analytics is increasing as more and more companies that have built data warehouses look to expand the business intelligence process internally in order to get more value from their BI systems. But it isn’t easy to make the leap from using basic reporting and query tools to deploying and taking full advantage of data analytics software.

In this podcast interview, Ventana Research analyst David Menninger offers advice on how to go about using predictive analytics software, data mining tools and other business data analytics technologies to help drive more informed decision making. Menninger provides an overview of the business benefits that organizations can get from data analytics and discusses how to sell analytics projects within a company. In addition, he details the common challenges that can threaten the success of data analytics programs.

In the 14-minute interview, listeners will:

  • Learn about the potential benefits that can result from the use of data analytics software. (00:51)
  • Get insight on what has been holding many organizations back from adopting analytics tools and processes. (02:20)
  • Hear about some of the major business data analytics uses and applications that companies might want to consider. (04:30)
  • Obtain tips on building a business case for investing in data analytics. (07:53)
  • Find out what kind of roadblocks and hurdles they should watch out for on analytics deployments. (08:53)
  • Get Menninger’s take on whether the increasing hype about data analytics in the BI market is justified by the capabilities of analytics software. (11:39)

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Business data analytics tools: benefits, challenges and advice

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Business data analytics tools: benefits, challenges and adviceAbout the speaker: David Menninger is a vice president and research director at Ventana Research, a consulting firm that offers benchmark research and business technology advisory services. Menninger focuses on analytics, business intelligence and information management technologies at Ventana. Prior to joining the company, he was vice president of marketing and product management at analytical database vendor Vertica Systems Inc. He also worked previously at Oracle Corp. and several other IT vendors.

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