New methods of analyzing data hold key to higher ROI in 2016

In this podcast, we talk with a Capgemini consultant to see what he expects from 2016 on analytics trends and how he thinks emerging methods of data analysis will affect user organizations.

In 2016, businesses will look for new ways to make money from the data they own and find new methods of analyzing data for business advantage, according to Goutham Belliappa, a principal and big data, integration and reporting practice leader at consulting firm Capgemini.

In this edition of the Talking Data podcast, Belliappa explains why he thinks the idea of data monetization is going to be important in the year ahead. Companies today are sitting on troves of customer and industry-specific data, and most are barely scratching the surface of that data's potential. And as more organizations invest in expensive data management tools, the need to realize a return on that investment grows. Belliappa talks more about this trend and the extent to which he thinks it will shape business strategies.

We also discuss the growing role of Internet of Things data in analytics, or, as Belliappa calls it, analytics of things. Businesses are investing more and more in sensors and are looking for ways to leverage this data. Without strong methods of analyzing data, IoT data is just more noise. Belliappa outlines what he sees as potential ways businesses can capitalize on the analytics of things and the technologies they're going to need to make it happen.

The podcast also delves into the developing world of cognitive computing. To this point, the notion of cognitive computing has been largely defined by IBM's Watson, but Belliappa sees a growing role for the technology in the year ahead. He explains where the technology is already having the greatest impact, how businesses can benefit and the reasons behind the sudden surge in interest.

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