Content intelligence: Content management meets business intelligence

In this podcast, Gerry Brown of Bloor Research explains "content intelligence" -- a combination of business intelligence and content management that helps companies leverage unstructured data.

Content management and business intelligence have typically ruled two very different data worlds. Enterprise content management (ECM) systems organize unstructured data, such as text documents, while business intelligence (BI) software usually analyzes structured data, stored in databases. That's set to change, according to analysts.

Research firm TDWI recently released a study outlining the potential benefits of unstructured data technologies, such as text analytics, in a BI software stack. And Gerry Brown, principal analyst with Towcester, U.K.-based Bloor Research Inc., has coined a related term. "Content intelligence" is a combination of BI software and content management technologies, Brown said.

"Content intelligence provides a complete, 360-degree view of the previously separated silos of enterprise data and text," Brown explains in this podcast. "It provides the ability to slice and dice, drill down and report on text and data as an integrated whole."

In this 10-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and technical users, listeners will:

  • Hear Brown explain the concept of content intelligence.
  • Find out what inspired him to create this new term.
  • Learn more about potential use cases of content intelligence and unstructured data.
  • Get more information about the business benefits of content intelligence.
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Content intelligence: Content management meets business intelligence

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About the speaker: Gerry Brown is a senior analyst at Bloor Research Inc., a Towcester, U.K.-based research and analysis firm. Gerry has over 20 years of experience in the software and services industry, and has worked in marketing and sales management positions for Xerox, ICL Fujitsu, Hyperion and MicroStrategy. As an external consultant he has provided strategic marketing advice for more than 30 systems, software and services vendors. Gerry has presented at many international conferences, roundtable discussion groups, educational institutions and seminars.

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