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Dashboard editors streamline 'busy' dashboards and spur user adoption

Dashboards cluttered with confusing gauges and dials aren't good for anyone. Baseline Consulting's Steve Putman says a dashboard editor can clean up 'busy' dashboards and spur user adoption.

Business intelligence dashboards, with their interactive gauges and dials, can be an effective way to display the critical information needed to monitor and manage business operations. But when BI dashboards become overly cluttered with confusing gadgets and tools – a common occurrence – their effectiveness is diminished and user adoption lags.

To streamline dashboards and make them as effective as possible, organizations should consider tapping a dashboard editor, according to Baseline Consulting's Stephen Putman. Putman recently spoke with to explain his concept of a dashboard editor and why it can play a critical role in developing effective BI dashboards in any industry.

In this 15-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and IT professionals, listeners will learn:

  • Just what a BI dashboard is and how it fits into the larger business intelligence landscape (1:35).
  • Who dashboards are intended for – power users, regular business users or both (2:45).
  • Why so many dashboard projects get bogged down with confusing and conflicting indicators (4:50).
  • How a dashboard editor can streamline the creation and management of dashboards (6:35).
  • How a dashboard editor, in addition to cleaning up "busy" dashboards, can improve overall dashboard performance (10:05).
  • Who in an organization is best suited for the dashboard editor role (11:30).
  • How to sell the concept of a dashboard editor to – and get the go-ahead to create such a role from – management (14:15).
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Streamline dashboards with a dashboard editor

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About the speaker: Stephen Putman is a senior consultant at Baseline Consulting, a business analytics and data integration consulting firm. Putman has more than 20 years of experience supporting client/server and Internet-based operations, from small offices to major corporations. He has extensive experience with a variety of front-end development tools as well as relational database design and administration, and he also is well versed in project management and leadership roles. Putman is a recognized thought leader in data quality, data governance and master data management theory and practice, along with enterprise data warehouse architecture and semantic Web technology. Before joining Baseline, he owned his own software and consulting company.


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