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Is SaaS BI software a good fit for your organization or department?

Thinking about choosing SaaS BI software over on-premise technology? Learn about SaaS BI and get tips for choosing a SaaS BI tool for your company.

SaaS business intelligence (BI) tools can be less expensive, easier to deploy and more user-friendly than on-premise BI products are. But many organizations have been reluctant to embrace SaaS BI because of concerns about data security, the maturity of the technology and other issues. In this podcast with consultant William McKnight, get an overview of SaaS BI technology, its pros and cons and how to get started on evaluating and selecting SaaS BI tools.

In this 20-minute podcast, listeners will:

  • Hear an expert assessment of SaaS BI's capabilities, maturity level and potential uses
  • Learn about the potential benefits of SaaS BI technology as well as issues that should be considered before adopting it
  • Hear important considerations and questions to ask when evaluating SaaS BI vendors
  • Get tips on how to decide whether SaaS BI software is a good fit for an organization or department
  • Learn how to get started on a SaaS BI project and what sort of changes it means for both IT and the business
  • Find out more about data management issues in SaaS BI deployments, including a discussion on data security and integration
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Is SaaS BI software the right choice for your organization or department?

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William McKnight

About the speaker: William McKnight is the president of McKnight Consulting Group. He works as a strategist, lead enterprise information architect and program manager for complex, high-volume, full-lifecycle implementations worldwide, within the disciplines of data warehousing, master data management (MDM), business intelligence (BI), data quality and operational BI. Implementations by his teams, managed from both IT and consulting positions, have won IT best-practices awards. McKnight is a Southwest Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist and a frequent best-practices judge; in addition, he has authored more than 150 articles and white papers and given over 150 keynotes and public seminars. He holds an MBA and is a former VP of IT at a Fortune 50 company and a former DB2 engineer at IBM. McKnight is also the author of the book 90 Days to Success in Consulting. He can be reached at


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