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Microsoft BI pro demonstrates PowerPivot for Excel

Michael Tejedor, a senior product manager with the Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) group, demonstrates the self-service BI capabilities of PowerPivot.

Most business intelligence (BI) vendors claim that in any given organization, around 20% of workers regularly use BI technology. Independent surveys put that percentage at closer to 10%.

Either way, that means between 80% and 90% of workers don’t use BI technology. And vendors are aggressively targeting that group with so-called “self-service” BI tools. The idea is that these tools are intuitive enough for casual business users to master.

Microsoft recently threw its hat into the self-service BI ring with the release of PowerPivot, an Excel add-on for BI and analytics. According to the vendor, PowerPivot offers a “user-friendly way to perform data analysis using familiar Excel features.”

So just how user-friendly is the new tool? In this screencast, Michael Tejedor, a senior product manager with Microsoft’s business intelligence team, demonstrates PowerPivot’s BI self-service capabilities with news editor Jeff Kelly.

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