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Privacy and big data issues demand attention from IT, business execs

A series of stories on big data privacy examined current laws and the ethics of data collection. In this podcast, TechTarget editors look deeper.

In April, SearchBusinessAnalytics published a series of articles examining the topic of privacy and big data. 

The articles looked at the status of laws around data collection and analysis, how privacy advocates and industry officials feel about the current state of big data privacy, and potential technical solutions to data privacy issues. 

In this edition of the Talking Data podcast series, TechTarget Editor Ed Burns tells editorial colleague Jack Vaughan about the reporting that went into the series and what businesses that are looking to leverage big data should expect in the future.

The legal and ethical field on which questions of big data and privacy play out is constantly shifting, according to Burns. Customers are becoming more aware of how businesses use their data, and some are voicing concerns. 

There is pending legislation in the U.S. Senate (though few believe anything will pass), and President Barack Obama has a team investigating the privacy issue

Privacy advocates are pushing hard for new protections, but industry groups are digging in to resist changes that could curtail big data analytics practices that have proven to be valuable.

This podcast details the main constituencies, relevant laws and touchstone cases that highlight the importance of paying attention to the debate over privacy and big data

With businesses moving rapidly to adopt big data analytics tools, many might not have stopped to think about the privacy implications. But Burns cautions that failing to do so could cost an organization, both in terms of compliance violations and diminished customer trust.

Ed Burns is site editor of SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.

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