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SAS users eye marketing data analysis, changing big data landscape

The need to understand customers more deeply is driving an increased focus on marketing analytics, according to attendees at a SAS conference.

It's clear that marketing and advertising departments are among the users taking the lead in implementing analytics technology, particularly big data analytics tools. But why are marketers and advertisers so interested in data analytics?

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Some of the reasons were discussed by speakers and attendees at analytics software vendor SAS Institute Inc.'s Premier Business Leadership Series conference in Orlando, Fla., last month. In this podcast, SearchBusinessAnalytics Site Editor Ed Burns talks about the chatter at the event around the potential business value of marketing data analysis. Marketing executives were a large presence at the conference, which reflects emerging trends that are forcing companies to understand their customers at a deeper level in order to make marketing campaigns more effective.

Marketing analytics wasn't the only noteworthy topic in Orlando, according to Burns, who was interviewed in the podcast by Jack Vaughan, news and site editor for sister site SearchDataManagement. Conference attendees also discussed how improvements in data storage technology are enabling them to think differently about big data analytics applications. For some, the next challenge to tackle will be interpreting social media posts and extracting actionable information from data sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ed Burns is site editor of SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.


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