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SaaS and cloud BI: Understanding the challenges and opportunities

In this podcast, learn about the potential benefits and challenges of using cloud business intelligence and SaaS BI technologies. Also, get tips on evaluating cloud BI tools.

Cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and Software as a Service BI technologies offer users the potential for faster deployments, increased flexibility and reduced costs compared with traditional on-premise BI software. But cloud BI, SaaS BI tools and cloud-based data warehousing also raise numerous issues for organizations to consider, including possible performance, scalability and data security concerns.

This podcast interview with independent consultant Phil Simon provides an expert assessment of the maturity and possible uses of cloud BI tools and data warehouses. Simon also discusses the benefits and challenges of cloud business intelligence and offers project management tips, including advice on the questions that companies weighing the cloud approach should ask themselves as well as SaaS BI vendors.

In the 18-minute podcast, IT and business professionals will:

  • Hear Simon’s take on some of the myths surrounding cloud BI and data warehousing (01:22)
  • Get an overview of how cloud-based data warehouses and SaaS BI tools compare with on-premise products on functionality and maturity (03:03)
  • Find out whether cloud BI technologies are ready for widespread use or still limited in what they can handle (5:08)
  • Learn about the potential benefits of cloud BI and the common hurdles that organizations can face in deploying and using cloud and SaaS BI tools (6:30)
  • Get insight into whether other users remain reluctant to put full data warehouses in the cloud – and whether there are good reasons to be reluctant (10:29)
  • Learn about emerging private analytics cloud offerings and whether they could be a better fit for large organizations than external cloud BI technologies are (12:43)
  • Hear tips for evaluating cloud BI technologies and getting started on cloud and SaaS BI projects (14:50)

Learn more about SaaS and cloud BI applications and cloud data warehouses:

Phil Simon

About the speaker
Phil Simon is an independent technology consultant who began doing systems implementation work in 1998. Simon became a full-time consultant two years later and started his own company in 2002; since then, he has cultivated more than 40 clients in various industries. He also is a frequent speaker at IT industry events and the author of two books: Why New Systems Fail and The Next Wave of Technologies, which was published in March 2010. Simon can be contacted via email at or through his website

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