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Searching for better business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) search, which helps users find the reports they're looking for, should be a no-brainer for most organizations.

A business intelligence (BI) report doesn't do much good if you can't find it. That's where BI search comes in, helping users sift through the sometimes thousands of reports living in a company's BI system to find the one they're looking for.

BI search capabilities are built-in to most BI systems, and vary in effectiveness. For companies that use multiple BI systems a third party search tool may be required.

But evaluating BI search options can be confusing. recently chatted with Philip Russom, senior manager of research at The Data Warehousing Institute, to get his take on the BI search technology market, tips for evaluating BI search, and what to expect in the way of innovation over the next several years.

In this 15-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and IT professionals, listeners will:

  • Find out the main benefits of BI search and if their company has reached the "tipping point" for BI search (1:18).
  • Learn how third-party BI search tools can help users find reports in multiple BI systems (3:55).
  • Learn why the level of report and database indexing is crucial to effective BI search (6:05).
  • Get Russom's take on the state of the BI search technology market (9:04).
  • Find out why companies should 'just do it' with BI search and how to evaluate third-party BI search vendors (10:51)
  • Find out what to expect in the way of BI search innovation over the next several years.(13:00).

About the speaker: Philip Russom is the senior manager of TDWI Research at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), where he oversees many of TDWI's research-oriented publications, services, and events. Before joining TDWI in 2005, Russom was an industry analyst covering BI at Forrester Research, Giga Information Group, and Hurwitz Group, as well as a contributing editor with Intelligent Enterprise and DM Review magazines.

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Searching for better business intelligence
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