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TDWI attendees explain how to do analytics in healthcare

Analytics in healthcare is not impossible. TDWI Executive Summit attendees in Boston explained how it can be done. Also, location analytics is getting more attention.

It's not easy to do analytics in healthcare. A number of hurdles, including regulatory burdens and a lack of interoperability between IT systems, make manipulating data a challenge. But at the recent TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, providers explained how they have been able to score wins with analytics.

In this edition of Talking Data, Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan recap the conference. In addition to its focus on healthcare, the show featured prominent discussions on location intelligence. This method of extracting useful operational information from geographic data has been around for a while. But with the recent advent of easy-to-use tools, location intelligence is experiencing a renaissance. Listen to the podcast to hear more about how organizations are increasingly looking to location data to put their data in context.

Ed Burns is site editor for SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.

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