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Unlocking and integrating unstructured data, with Bill Inmon

Bill Inmon explains the importance of unstructured data and offers tips for accessing and integrating it.

Unstructured data comes in many forms -- from text and images to voice and graphics -- and tapping into it is an understandably tricky job. The task is made that much more difficult thanks to the relative dearth of quality, mature tools that can access and interpret unstructured data, according to Bill Inmon, coauthor of the recently released Tapping into Unstructured Data.

That's too bad, Inmon said, because unstructured data holds a wealth of knowledge that can greatly benefit business intelligence and other analytical applications aimed at better understanding a business. In fact, Inmon believes some of the most important corporate information in any organization lives in the form of unstructured text. But accessing and integrating unstructured data isn't a lost cause, and in this podcast, Inmon lays out strategies and tips for doing just that.

In this 12-minute podcast, appropriate for business and IT leaders, listeners will:


  • Discover the different types of unstructured data and why they are so important to organizations
  • Learn about the typical obstacles that stand in the way of successful unstructured data integration
  • Get tips and advice for overcoming those obstacles, including how to use SQL and text analytics to unlock unstructured data

About the speaker: Bill Inmon is considered the father of data warehousing. He has written 49 books translated into nine languages, including his latest release, Tapping into Unstructured Data. Inmon founded and took public the world's first company to build and sell ETL. His latest company, Forest Rim Technology, is dedicated to the access and integration of unstructured data into the data warehouse environment.



  Accessing and integrating unstructured data: Strategies and tips from Bill Inmon  

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Unlocking and integrating unstructured data, with Bill Inmon
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