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What factors are driving the growth of data journalism?

In this edition of Talking Data, our experts discuss why some of the same factors at play in data science are influencing data journalism, a new brand of reporting that values fact and measurement over conjecture and anecdote.

Data journalism is all about identifying stories other reporters can't. In this edition of Talking Data, TechTarget editors Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan discuss what it takes to become a data journalist, how new technology is helping to train the next generation of reporters, and their own experiences with data analysis.

There is a shortage of qualified data professionals today in all industries, not just journalism. But massively open online courses are helping curious people expand their knowledge and learn new skills. Some have suggested this may be one way to tackle the shortage of data professionals, including in journalism. Listen to the podcast to find out more about forces impacting data science as a profession and how some of these factors are interacting with journalism today.

About the author:
Ed Burns is site editor of SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.

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What are your thoughts on the growing prominence of data journalism?
I think it's absolutely necessary, and makes perfect sense. Even as journalistic institutions see business problems mount, journalists who can clarify and explain complex topics are becoming all the more important. Data drives our world these days, and knowing how to use it to identify trends and expose truths is vital.