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Quiz: Managing 'big data' applications, systems and usage

After listening to Mark Smith's BI University webcasts, test yourself to see how well you've retained his key points and recommendations about effective management and use of "big data."

The BI University’s “Strategies for Effectively Managing and Using Big Data” classroom was designed to provide business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing and IT professionals with insight and advice on managing “big data” applications and technologies. After you’ve listened to the three webcast lessons by Mark Smith of Ventana Research, use the short quiz below to test your knowledge of Smith’s presentations and his recommendations for developing a successful big data analytics program, harnessing big data tools in data warehousing environments and incorporating big data into your data integration strategy. You’ll also find suggestions for additional reading on big data management and analytics at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

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This was last published in May 2012

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