'Analytics in Action' Virtual Seminar

SearchBusinessAnalytics.com presents a free virtual seminar designed to help participants create an effective analytics and business intelligence strategy. Listen on-demand at your convenience.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, SearchBusinessAnalytics.com presented a free virtual seminar designed to help participants plan and execute an effective analytics and business intelligence (BI) strategy for their organizations. The sessions, slide presentations and related information resources will be available for on-demand viewing and listening at your convenience through mid-December.

From this online event, you’ll gain valuable insight and proven strategies on how to:

  • Become an analytics-driven enterprise by infusing your sales, marketing and customer efforts with the latest analytic tools and techniques.
  • Effectively incorporate predictive, text and in-memory analytics into your core day-to-day business operations.
  • Harness the true potential of “big data” analytics and learn how to prepare for its long-term business impact.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of analytics to ensure long-term BI success.

Five expert sessions were delivered by industry analysts and consultants with unique perspectives on the latest BI and analytics trends. Detailed descriptions of those sessions are below, along with the full agenda for the virtual seminar.


‘Big data’ analytics: Demystifying the concept and understanding the use cases

Wayne EckersonWayne Eckerson, Director of Research, TechTarget 
There’s a lot of talk about “big data” – but varying levels of understanding on what the concept is really all about. Experts agree that it’s not just about managing growing data volumes in data warehouses, but also about leveraging different types of data, such as Web logs and sensor data – some of which haven’t been able to be effectively analyzed due to issues of scale, complexity and variability. Now, new technologies are making it possible to glean meaning from giant data sets, but they’re also introducing new technical and operational complexities. In this session, hear an expert discussion on what big data analytics is and how you should incorporate it into your overall BI and data warehousing strategy. Participants will get:

  • A comprehensive explanation of big data analytics, including why this issue affects most organizations and how you should plan for it
  • An accessible primer on the new big data analytics techniques and technologies available now, including discussion on when and why different approaches might be used
  • A unique look at some of the challenges faced by early adopters and how to avoid or overcome them in your big data analytics program
  • An inspirational discussion about new ROI-centric use cases for analyzing big data, with ideas on how different types of organizations might apply these technologies

Analytics for customer data and marketing: Improving the customer experience, and the bottom line, with analytics and BI technologies

Mark SmithMark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research 
Customer engagement and marketing programs have quickly emerged as some of the strongest ROI-generating activities for analytics and BI. Organizations know there is gold in the growing mountains of customer data they’re collecting – but sifting through it, finding the nuggets and taking action quickly (sometimes in near real time) can present complex challenges. In this session, explore some of the emerging trends in analytics for customer and marketing programs, including a look at new methods of solving old business problems. Find out more about how visual analytics, in-database analytics, SaaS technology and new lower-cost tools are changing the game, as well as how organizations are architecting for these new technologies. Appropriate for both departmental business stakeholders and BI professionals, this session will address:

  • Use cases for BI and analytics for customer engagement and marketing programs, with advice on calculating the ROI of applying analytics to these programs
  • Advice on how to assess the technology choices, including when to look to point tools and when to leverage or expand what you already have
  • Expert insight into architecting and organizing for these types of BI and analytics programs, with a discussion on how to effectively navigate the people, process and technology issues

Predictive analytics best practices: Reaping business benefits and ROI from predictive technologies

Tony RathburnTony Rathburn, Senior Consultant, The Modeling Agency
Predictive analytics technology is becoming more accessible than ever, and changing the face of what’s possible in BI and analytics in the process. No longer purely the purview of scientists and statisticians, predictive analytics increasingly is making its way to business users, enabling new insights and business opportunities. In this session, find out more about how your organization can create or expand a predictive analytics program in a way that is useful, actionable and impactful to the bottom line. Take part in this session to hear:

  • Expert guidance on how to effectively incorporate predictive analytics into your overall BI and analytics strategy
  • Best practices for integrating predictive analytics into organizational processes and training business users on using predictive analytics tools
  • Advice on how to overcome some of the common challenges that plague predictive analytics programs
  • Insight on how to foster a culture that understands and appreciates how to apply analytics effectively for real business results

Real-time intelligence: Leveraging complex event processing and real-time analytics technologies

Lary GoldmanLarry Goldman, President, AmberLeaf, Inc. 
Time is of the essence – especially when it comes to disseminating key information that could change important decision-making processes. But it can be a major challenge to collect, analyze and distribute BI and analytics fast enough to have a real impact on day-to-day business operations. This is where complex event processing and other real-time analytics technologies are making a big difference by enabling new business opportunities, reducing risk and increasing business agility. In this session, get advice on creating or enhancing a real-time strategy, including expert insight on:

  • The various technical approaches to improving the speed and agility of BI and analytics programs, including methods for leveraging technologies you may already have
  • How to build a business case and calculate ROI for real-time programs, including some interesting use cases across vertical industries
  • Advice on how to improve or get started with real-time programs in your organization, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid

Panel discussion: Game-changing trends and expert predictions for BI and analytics
Take part in a lively discussion as leading experts discuss need-to-know trends in BI and analytics, including their predictions for the next five years. Get advice on updating your long-term strategy, and learn about some of the emerging technologies that are opening up new opportunities for solving business problems and gaining competitive advantages. Attendees are invited to submit questions or just listen along as these outspoken experts share their thoughts.

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