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Business intelligence (BI) adoption continues to grow

Despite tighter IT budgets, business intelligence (BI) adoption continues to grow. Get data on how many BI tools companies are using plus resources on BI software adoption.

Business intelligence (BI) adoption continues to grow

Number of BI tools companies currently using
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Despite tighter IT budgets because of the weak economy, companies are still seeing the need to invest in BI tools. More respondents said their organizations have adopted BI software than in years past: According to the survey, the vast majority of businesses – 85% – have at least one BI tool in use. The business intelligence adoption level is up from 76% in last year’s survey. More than half of the organizations represented in the 2010 survey are using multiple BI tools: 52%, same as in 2009.

The growing adoption of BI tools has been reflected in industry reports as well. For example, according to a recent IDC report, the BI market eked out growth in 2009, although the increase was less than in previous years. Total BI software license and maintenance revenue grew to $8 billion, up 2.5% from 2008, IDC said. But, it added, that was still better than most other IT markets, many of which saw drop-offs in revenue last year.

BI software adoption resources:

  • The potential benefits of BI software go straight to the heart of running a successful organization: better decision making and improved business processes, ideally leading to bottom-line improvements. Learn how to evaluate and purchase the right BI tool for your company in our Business Intelligence Buyer’s Guide.
  • Watch a video interview with Forrester Research analyst Boris Evelson, who discusses the future of business intelligence tools and explains how companies can get prepared to leverage the next generation of BI technology.
  • With many companies still limiting their IT spending while the economy muddles along, read about whether open source BI software could be a viable choice as a less expensive alternative to traditional BI platforms.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) business intelligence is also getting more attention because of the sluggish economy and its reputation of costing less than on-premise BI technology. But is that really the case? If you’re considering a purchase of on-demand or cloud-based BI tools, read through our SaaS BI market guide to make sure you know about the pros and cons of SaaS BI technology.

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