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Business intelligence (BI) consolidation still an agenda item for many

More than half of surveyed companies with multiple business intelligence tools are planning BI consolidation projects. Get tips on BI consolidation and see if it’s right for you.

Business intelligence (BI) consolidation still an agenda item for many

BI tool consolidation
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We asked survey respondents whose organizations had more than one business intelligence software product in place if there were any plans to reduce the overall number of BI tools being used internally. Slightly more than half – 53% – said that their companies do have BI consolidation plans.

Of course, that also means nearly half of the companies with multiple BI tools have no interest in consolidating them. And according to BI expert Jill Dyche, businesses should think twice before jumping on the BI consolidation bandwagon. Dyche, a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, says it’s important for companies to sit back before ripping any BI tools out of the hands of productive business users. All of those BI applications may be more than just shelfware, she adds.

BI consolidation resources:

  • There’s a lot to consider before implementing a BI consolidation project. To help guide you through the process, we created a BI consolidation guide that’s chock-full of news analysis stories, case studies and expert advice. The guide covers everything from how to decide if BI consolidation is right for your business to tips on managing the consolidation process.
  • On the plus side, BI consolidation can reduce complexity and costs, according to analysts such as Wayne Eckerson. In the first installment of a two-part interview on BI consolidation, Eckerson talks about why many companies have multiple BI tools and lays out the pros and cons of using more than one BI system. And in part two, he discusses how to deal with BI users and political issues when planning for BI consolidation and gives tips on getting the consolidation process started.
  • Read about a BI consolidation project at Fairmont Hotels, which replaced several BI point solutions with a single data analysis platform as part of an effort to better track customer retention rates and profitability.

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