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Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011: Exploring BI trends & best practices

Get expert insight on business intelligence and data warehousing from the Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011. Learn about key trends and best practices shaping the future of BI and data warehousing.

2011 Pacific Northwest BI SummitEditors from once again took part in the Pacific Northwest BI Summit this year. This unique business intelligence and data warehousing event brings together industry experts and strategists to discuss the latest BI trends, technologies and best practices.

The Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011 was held July 21-25 in Grants Pass, Ore., headlined by five leading BI and data warehousing experts (see bios below). As part of the summit’s 10th anniversary celebration, Gartner Inc. analyst Merv Adrian led a roundtable discussion on the potential opportunities and challenges presented by large-scale data warehousing and BI. Another session also focused on “big data” management and analytics, and other discussion topics included collaborative and self-service BI, social media analytics and cloud BI. will be publishing articles about the summit as well as video interviews with many of the participants. The listings on this page will be updated as new content becomes available – check back for links to added items.


Dealing with ‘big data’ challenges: Real-world strategies and advice
IT professionals and industry analysts, including participants at the Pacific Northwest BI Summit, offer guidance on how to cope with the complexities of managing big-data installations in data warehouses and alternative data stores.


'Big data' analytics: Tapping into transactional data -- and more
In this video Q&A series, BI experts and IT vendor executives explain “big data” technologies and use cases and give tips on how to get started with big-data analytics.

Cloud BI and analytics: Should the cloud be in your BI forecast?
In video Q&As, BI analysts and IT vendors discuss the potential benefits and challenges of cloud BI and offer advice on using cloud computing technology as part of a BI strategy.

Self-service, collaborative & mobile BI: Opportunities vs. challenges
In a series of video Q&As, business intelligence analysts and IT vendors discuss the current state of self-service, collaborative and mobile BI tools and offer advice on deploying and using them.

Expert participants:

  • Jill Dyche, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting
  • Dr. Claudia Imhoff, president and founder of Intelligent Solutions
  • William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group
  • Shawn Rogers, research vice president at Enterprise Management Associates
  • Colin White, president and founder of BI Research

BI and data warehousing expert bios:

Jill DycheJill Dyche, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting
Jill is an internationally recognized author, speaker and business consultant. She is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm that focuses on BI, data warehousing, data governance, master data management and data integration. Jill is responsible for key client strategies and industry analysis at Baseline, which is now a division of DataFlux.
BI strategy tipsMDM tips | Ask Jill a personalized question

Dr. Claudia ImhoffDr. Claudia Imhoff, president and founder of Intelligent Solutions
Claudia is the president and founder of Intelligent Solutions Inc., a consultancy covering data warehousing and BI technologies and strategies. Claudia is a popular speaker and internationally recognized expert, and she serves as an advisor to many corporations, universities and leading technology companies on these topics.

William McKnightWilliam McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group
William McKnight is the president of McKnight Consulting Group LLC. MCG’s services span strategy through implementation and beyond for turning information into the asset that it needs to be within organizations. William strategizes, designs and deploys systems in the disciplines of master data management, data warehousing and BI.
Data warehousing strategy tips | Ask William a personalized question

Colin WhiteColin White, president and founder of BI Research
Colin is the founder and president of BI Research. He is well known for his in-depth knowledge of BI, data management and data integration technologies and how they can be used to support smart and agile decision making. With 40 years of IT experience, Colin has consulted for dozens of companies throughout the world and is a frequent speaker at leading IT events.

Shawn RogersShawn Rogers, research vice president, Enterprise Management Associates
Shawn is vice president of business intelligence research at Enterprise Management Associates Inc., where he provides comprehensive analyst coverage of the BI and data warehouse technology stack. He has more than 20 years of hands-on IT industry experience. Shawn co-founded the BeyeNetwork in 2004 and served as its executive vice president and editorial director until late 2009.

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